My Language Timeline/ Ana Martinez sec13

  • Born

    Born in Hospital del Maestro in San Juan P.R.
  • Moving from home

    I moved away from my mother and began living with my aunts from my father’s side along with grandparents and my little sister. Our mother got sick and was not able to take care of us.
  • ESL Christmas

    I had learned vocabulary words that included every single item in my house. On Christmas’s Eve before I could get any of the presents I had to identify 10 words. It might seem a bit cruel but it was really fun.
  • 1980-1985 Elementary School SLA Process

    I was trying to adapt to new challenges in acquiring a second language while learning to readjust to the new life style
  • 1986-1989 MIddle Shool

  • Highschool years 1989-1992

    I began writing poetry in both languages. I received an award for first place for the amateur writer contest with my poem “Stars of Beauty” written in prose. I got the $500.00 cash price and computer.
  • 1992-1995 College

    Graduated from high school with honors and was accepted in the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. In my family the language of choice was English although we purposely code switch to try to confuse one another.
  • 1995 Sacrafices for Love

    I had to quit the University because my father in law got a heart attack and was not able to attend his business. My ex-husband could not handle the pressure of the administration by himself and I decided to help him. My father was not happy with my decision and I decided to leave home.
  • Back to College

    I went back to college but I was only taking two courses, trying to little by little finish.
  • 2000-2004 Marrige life new challenges

    I bought my house and was now married.I was not able to study since we had to both work fulltime to be able to pay all the expenses in our house. I found out I was pregnant. By this time I was thinking of going back to college I wanted to have something to fall back on if this marriage didn’t work out.
  • Back to work nursery and all!! 2005-2008

    I was a fulltime Mom working with my son in the factory until he was two when I enrolled him in a private preschool.
  • My sun was born

    My beautiful Carlos Ismael Rivera Martinez was born natural birth... Tweelve hours in labor!!!Ouch!!
  • Back to college again... Now for good! 2008-2010

    I found out that my husband was cheating on my got separated. Went back to college fulltime with the help of my father and mother in law.
    I took the English proficiency test at UPR and got a perfect score. I was taking level five English classes reading Shakespeare, learning about Latin American writers and the history of cinema.I was taking 21 credits in college per semester to finish as fast I could.
  • Graduation and First Job Summer of 2010

    Graduated with honors from the University of PR as an Elementary Level Teacher specializing in Science. Got my first job as homeroom teacher for a fifth grade in Robinson School in Condado.
  • My Dad's terrible car accident

    With my father in the hospital I was forced to resign my teaching position at Robinson.
  • New School!

    I was hired as a middle school science teacher at Carvin Bilingual School in Carolina,PR.
  • Began with Department of Education 2011-2012

    Worked for the Department of Education as an English teacher for grades K-6. Completed the certification as an elementary English teacher through the CRECE program
  • Second year working in Department of Education 2012-2013

    I am now working as a fourth grade homeroom teacher in Dr. Luis Pereira Leal Bilingual School and enrolled in the University of Sagrado Corazon to complete the certification as a bilingual teacher.