MY Journey

  • I was born

    I was born
    this day,a handsome boy called TONY was born.
  • My first school

    My first school
    This school called:XI WAI,it's my favourite school,There have all my children memory,I love there.
  • first gift

    first gift
    I got the first gameboy, this is my father gave me the best gift
  • Today,I'm 10 years old.

    Today,I'm 10 years old. father said,I am grow up,I am not a little boy any more,I should to face more.....But now I can not understand to
  • The bad day:I lost my PSP2000

    The bad day:I lost my PSP2000
    I lost my dear PSP and a lot of data and games, it was all my hard work!I feel so sad , so bad .........
  • This day,i leave China.....

    This day,i leave China.....
    Today, I went to go to Australia , I would like to know where the new life, but am not willing to my family, my friends, but I have to face.