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  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    The day I was born was a cold Saturday in Chicago, The weather that day was awful, there was a snow storm on my birthday February 22nd, 2003 at 1 pm the time I was born.
  • My first pet

    My first pet
    When I was born I gained not only my sister, my brother, and my mom, I also gained m\y first pet. The dog we had was born the same year as me, but two months after. His name was Brownie. He had big floppy ears, with brown, and white spots all over him. Though in the beginning we did not get aloud, we still were each others best friend.
  • Learning to be respectful

    Learning to be respectful
    Respect is given to people who earn it, I knew that growing up some people didn't have respect for other people. In my life I will always respect my family, and friends. Through the years I have always supported my friends actions, weather it was to buy a sweater, or cut someone from their life, I was there by their side no matter even if I may not have agreed with it, it was their decision. Respect others, and you will get the same back
  • Being thoughtful

    Being thoughtful
    Whenever I would go out to eat, or to anywhere really I always thought If I should bring something back home to my mom or sister. I always know that my sister or mom would think of brining me back something, and always think of how something would affect me. They were just that great being thoughtful is something many people struggle to be, and want to learn to be. Im still learning how to be thoughtful in many ways now, and I now always think before I do something
  • First time I traveled

    First time I traveled
    The first time I went on a plane I don't remember much. I started traveling at a very young age. My first time traveling we went back home to Guatemala. My mom told me I was so happy going, and when we got on the plane I kept looking outside the window, until we took off. When we got up in the air I watch the clouds pass, and us zooming, it was a smooth ride, I was asleep most of the time after eating the good food we got.
  • The time I was outgoing

    The time I was outgoing
    Growing up I was always the shy girl, though I had a lot of friends at School, it took time to be friends, as I barley talked. I always needed to be comfortable with the person I talked too. When I started school I knew I didn't have my mom with me to introduce me to people. At first I was nervous because I didn't really speak good in English, I thought they would say something about it, but I realized I shouldn't care, and just be my self, and that's how I made friends. I found my true friends
  • The time I was considerate

    The time I was considerate
    Growing up with siblings it was always hard not to fight with them. I would always want my way, and they would always want their ways. I am the youngest sibling between my sister, and brother. One day when we fought my mom came, and had to show me that I always have to be considerate of peoples feelings, and opinions no matter who is right or wrong. It's the respectful thing to do, and they should be like that for me too, it showed me a different perspective to always think before I speak.
  • My first day of school

    My first day of school
    My first day of school was one of the worst days of my life. I was so nervous being on my own without my mom. I thought it was the end of the world. The school I went to was not where I went for preschool, so I felt alone, starting in a new school. Eventually I made new friends, and actually started enjoying my class, and got excited for the new school year.
  • The first time I rode a bike

    The first time I rode a bike
    When I started learning how to ride a bike I was terrified even though the worst thing that would happen to you is you falling, and hurting yourself, I was still terrified. Until one day I finally put my practice into one ride. I imagined someone was chasing me, and I had to hurry my way to safety, its messed up to think that but it does work, you get a feel that the situation was real. I imagined that, and next thing I know I'm riding on my own on my block. I was scared, but proud of myself.
  • The time I was caring!

    The time I was caring!
    All my life I helped others no matter if it was homework, or studying if you asked for help I was there. On Christmas one year we went to visit people that were sick to wish them a Merry Christmas, and to spend time with them When we got there It made me feel good to know that I made someones day a little brighter. I helped them eat, get them comfortable, and just was with them. It was one of the best feelings in the world, and it made me feel like I was doing something right at a young age.
  • My first time going to Florida

    My first time going to Florida
    Traveling has always been a big part of my life, that makes me me. I loved it, and still do. One of the first major trips we went to, besides going back home to Guatemala, was Florida. I was so excited I never been there, and as a little girl I was over the moon. When we got there it was so hot, I actually missed Chicago's winter weather. Though it was hot, we had so much fun, going to Disney world, Universal Studios, malls, and etc. I spent one of the best moments in my life, in Florida. :)
  • The time I was a Risk taker

    The time I was a Risk taker
    I am terrified of almost everything. I am one that stays in their comfort zone, and doesn't step out of line. One big fear I have are rollercoasters. I will forever hate them, but one day when I was in Florida I decided I would take a risk, and go on the jurassic park water ride. I was so scared because I knew there was a huge drop at the end. The ride was peaceful, until the end I was scared when going down, but it took two seconds, after that I wasn't scared, and even went 5 more times!
  • My first haircut

    My first haircut
    Growing up I always had long hair, and when I say long I mean up to my legs long. I loved it I felt like a princess, with long hair. In school I was always one of the girls with the longest hair, until one day my mom told me to cut it, that it got to long. I was upset at first, but I was excited to see myself with short hair. I ended up cutting my hair to my shoulders, and loved it. My hair grows pretty fast, so almost every year I cut it to my shoulders, like how I have it now. :)
  • The time I was gentle gentle during a hard time

    The time I was gentle gentle during a hard time
    When my Grandpa passed away everyone in my family was hurt. I knew that it will take time to keep moving forward without him. I was hurt, but not as much as my aunts, uncles, and mom were hurt. They lost their father, and had more time with him. I knew that at that time I shouldn't ask for new toys, and be pushy with my mom. I just needed to be by her telling her that it was going to be okay, he was in heaven now, and just be there the way I could as her daughter that loves her.
  • My first concert

    My first concert
    The first time I went to concert is something I would never forget. My dad took me to see one of my favorite artists at the time concert, with my best friend at the time, my sister, and my cousin. I was so excited to see Selena Gomez in concert. I was a huge fan, and was so happy I could see her. At the time I didn't have a phone, so I brought my camera, and recorded everything I could on my small, sort of useful camera. It was an amazing concert, and one I will never forget.
  • My first cellphone

    My first cellphone
    When I was in 6th grade the new iPhone 5c came out I was so excited, they made a pink iPhone, and I had to get it. At the time the only phone I had was a cricket flip phone used only for emergences, and was shared with my sister. So I begged my mom, and Santa to get me the phone to have my own real first phone. Christmas Day came, and I open the gift, and see the phone. I was so happy, and excited to have my own first 'big girl responsibility" to take care of the phone it was the best day ever!
  • The time I was trustworthy

    The time I was trustworthy
    At home you're taught that the number one thing that makes friendships work is if both people trust another. When I felt trustworthiness in a friendship was when my teacher gave me the chance to take care of the class fish foster. I was happy that she saw I was a good, and trustworthy person. it feels good to feel that people think so highly of you. I took care of him so well that I got to keep him for good! he lived a long life, but passed away, I'm proud of how well I took care of him!
  • Learning to be hardworking

    Learning to be hardworking
    You pushing your goal is being a hard worker, you trying even though all the odds are against you, you try you are a hard worker. When you put your everything in something you're a hard worker. I am a hard worker because I try to get the best grades I can, no matter what. I get things done no matter how early or late they are, I put 100%. Be a hard worker it pays off in the future. :)
  • Middle school graduation

    Middle school graduation
    I graduated from Union Ridge School. I loved that school, I was friends with everyone, and had good relationships with my teachers. I was sad to graduate I knew everything would change. I was supposed to go to Ridgewood Highschool all my friends where going there. When you live in Harwood Heights you go to Ridgewood, but at the end I moved to the "Chicago area" making me have to go to Taft to say I was upset was a n understatement, by the time we graduation I was happy how everything turned out.
  • To be dependable

    To be dependable
    Being dependable is an important trait in a friendship. Being dependable you need trust, flexibility, and etc. Whenever your friends new something you are right there. When we were having issues at home with my sister I knew she could count on me no matter what. To do the cleaning around the house, do well in school, don't miss school, and etc. I was right there for her to learn to tell her how great she was. Thats being dependable