My history for Emily

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    My History

    My life is about fun but i was a little girl that was sad. Then i wont my friend bake and her name is River, Then i went to River then i seed i Riley wont you bake.
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    The Way Bake To School

    I got up from this morning, Then i got my neck her-did from my sleep, Then i got up to get driest for this morning, Then i went on the bus then ween i was at School it was raining, Then so we are going to my class.
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    Want I Did On The Wickedness

    Want i did on the wickedness is watching TV and play Games to,Then i some times play out Sid to, And i play games with my big brother Jake, And i all-saw i play bay my self some times to be filing good.
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    My Se-Kind Weekend

    My weekend was ow some this morning then ween i got up i got driest for School,Then i got to my class then i got my Chromebook and log on to it.
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    On Saturday

    On the weekend it's Summer's birthday is tomorrow on Saturday, then ween it is tomorrow me and Samuel are going to make apprentice.
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    On My Way Bake Home

    I went home to be happy so i went on a bus to home then i went to my room to think of want iv done, Then want i did is i did-int linden to Mr.Morin so i went into the hall to think of want iv done.