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My Heroes in Literature Progress

  • Why Courage Matters by John McCain

    Why Courage Matters by John McCain
    My English teacher, Mrs.Simmons read us an exerpt of a biography of Johny McCain. While she read this, it really got my mind churning on what I personally thought a hero was. Basically, this was the beginning of my Heroes in Literature adventure.
  • Getting Ideas

    Getting Ideas
    My friend and fellow classmate, Julia Serna, helped me and two other friends with ideas on who to choose as our topic. She suggested things like Coco Chanel, Oprah Winfrey, and many other famous and powerful people. I didn't like any of the ideas she suggested but it dead shape me up into picking my topic.
  • Picking My Subject

    Picking My Subject
    Before I went to the library, I was determined to do my project on Otis Redding. As I stepped into the library, I found that Bill Cosby, to me, was more of an interesting man. Unfortunately, I also chose Bill Cosby because I was hurrying to get a subject and get it over with.
  • Checking Out My Book

    Checking Out My Book
    Because I temporarily lost my I.D card, I could not check out a book during the only two days my class spent in the library. I waited five days until I finally got my book, Cosby - The Life of a Comedy Legend by Ronald L. Smith. I started reading it the same day.
  • Posting My First Blog

    Posting My First Blog
    I stayed up till twelve in the morning hammering my brain on what to write about in my first blog. I wrote about how I chose Cosby, why I chose Cosby, and why I picked him as my hero.
  • D.E.A.R

    If we had no D.E.A.R in English, I would not have gotten past the first two chapters. I read some more of the biography and learned interesting things about Bill Cosby. His dad was a raging drunk who was depressed over the fact that he had lost his job. Bill grew up poverty stricken afterwards and had to deal with making his life more interesting and funny.
  • Sidetracking To Poetry

    Sidetracking To Poetry
    My class and I set the Heroes and Literature project aside and focused more on poetry. We read the Root Cellar and A Blessing, and we took mini quizzes over them. I barely passed The Root Cellar one, and I ultimately failed A Blessing. I forgot about my project
  • MORE Poetry

    MORE Poetry
    I read more of the Bill Cosby book (about 20 pages) My friend Julia and I worked on a poetry packet, resulting in us finishing first.
  • Second Blog

    Second Blog
    We had a second blog due and it was mainly about childhood heroes and heroes in literature. I made Encyclopedia Brown my hero in literature because of his amazing wit and intelligence.
  • Timetoast!

    I finally started and completed my timetoast. I started at around 9:30 and now I've finished up at around 10:20. I regretted waiting until the last minute because I could have been studying for a test.