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  • I got my stuffed animal named "fudge".

    I got my stuffed animal named  "fudge".
    I would say I was about 4 ½ when I got my favorite stuffed animal named “Fudge”. I had gotten it at a Cracker Barrel. I would go underneath my dad’s chair in front of his computer and say it was my “ club spot “. I would play with my Fudge under there for hours. But one day when we were moving one of the boxes with all of my Special items went missing. [It just HAD to be the box with all my stuff.]
    Therefore fudge was gone.
  • Finding out about Hatsune Miku

    Finding out about Hatsune Miku
    when i was 5, i fell in love with hatsune miku.
    [ not in like a “romantic way”, but i found my favorite singer. ]
    hatsune miku is a japanese voice synthesizer known world wide.
    my sister showed me one of her songs and B O O M.
    i was hooked.
  • Playing on my dads computer

    Playing on my dads computer
    when i was 5 ½ years old my dad would let me play on his computer. i would play all day, but sometimes stop for food. I remember playing a lot of webkinz or wizard 101.
  • Getting a 3DS

    Getting a 3DS
    I got my 3Ds when I was 6. Me and my little nephew would record videos with our toys. the longest video we made was with my dolls and it was 10 minutes long. [maximum time to record per video]
  • Dad gave me a computer

    Dad gave me a computer
    I was about 7 when my dad wanted me to stop using his computer for games, so for Christmas i got a computer. it was an Acer aspire One I believe.
  • Started Digital art

    Started Digital art
    When i was 11 i decided I wanted to try digital art. i drew a picture and downloaded a well known app called Ibis X Paint. My first try i didn't understand any of the controls and wanted to give up. So I decided to watch some videos and tutorials. Soon enough I got the hang of it and i was proud of my art.
  • Got doggo

    Got doggo
    I was 11 and my sister was talking to me and my nephew about this cute puppy she saw that looked a stuffed animal i had lost named “fudge” during the move. we went to the place and when i saw him, i was so happy. It felt as if i hadn't lost my stuffed animal was here and he was REAL! we bought him the same day and took him home.
  • Getting my first Figma

    Getting my first Figma
    when i was 8 i wanted to buy a figma. my first figma was a cheap $12 bootleg Miku figma. it broke like in like 2 seconds.
  • Started a YouTube Channel

    Started a YouTube Channel
    when i turned 8 i decided to make a youtube acount.I was bored and decided i would post some videos so i could look back in the future.I honestly didn't expect to earn many subscribers, but when I had hit 12 subscribers I freaked out. but i still enjoy making some additional videos with my sister and nephew.
  • Went on Vacation

    Went on Vacation
    Me and my little nephews birthdays are close, so my sister decided for our birthdays she would take us to Florida. this wasn't the first time we did this. we usually go to universal studios, we went to Disney world. it was terrible And WE ALL AGREED, But we all had fun.
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