My good life

  • I Was Born

    I Was Born
    I was happy to born in thailand with my brother and sister
  • I Walk 10 Step

    I Walk 10 Step
    I feel so happy when I can walk 10 step.when Iwas little Icant not walk
  • start frist school

    start frist school
    When I come in my first school I feel nervos when I come in my first school.
  • start KG

    start KG
    When I start KG I feel scare and nervas.when I come they are student that bully me on milk brake and lunch brake
  • Frist bowling ball

    Frist bowling ball
    When I was little I like to play bowling and my mum buy it for me to play.
  • My Nane broke her arm

    My Nane broke her arm
    She bang into the wall and broke her arm and went to the hospital 6week later her arm come back to noumul
  • Thailand earthquake

    Thailand earthquake
    There are 74 poeple who die and 111 poeple got hurtby the earthquake
  • The Frist Skate Board

    The Frist Skate Board
    My skateboard has a picture and buy from Thailand in esplanat and I play trick.
  • I and my famaly look 3D movie

    I and my famaly look 3D movie
    I look Ice Age 3 in 3D with my famaly at central.
  • I and my famaly travle to pia

    I and my famaly travle to pia
    They have cave to see driffrent thing
  • I hunrt my wrist for days

    I fall from a biciclye and my wrist fall wrong side
  • My New Roller Skate

    My New Roller Skate
    My rollerskate buy form canada. My rollerskate can play trick
    and I almost every day.
  • I meet Mr. Doug

    I am so glad to see to see mr. Doug came from NewZeland. Mr. Doug's student came and visit Mr Doug.
  • The cold place (korae)

    The cold place (korae)
    I ski at Korae. I went to many places in Korae and I went to drink hot chocolate and banana milke and I slept at the hotel called The Korae Hotel and The Crown. every body play ski but my brother play snow board.
  • second dog

    second dog
    My sister's dog scare every thing excpt doll
  • I wash fast5

    I wash fast5
    It make me lught becuse the movie some part is funning and the bad thing is there people talking loud and they ues every thing to destroy
  • I Got a Phone

    I Got a Phone
    My new phone is white LG made the telaphone and it's a touch screen and they have a strig and game
  • earthquake in japan

    They have many people die in japan and there big ship and boat stuck on biulding and houses and have a aftershock and there are houses and a airplane and other thing are flooting.
  • Grade 4 teacher

    Grade 4 teacher
    My grade 4 teacher is Ms Stacey is the greatest teacher in grade 4 and she is funny.