My Girragundji - Nicholas

Timeline created by Noble3N
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Hairyman grabbed a sister

    Hairyman grabbed one of the main characters 7 sisters. The hairyman grabbed the sister by the throat.
  • Feb 1, 1000

    Teaser sister

    One of his sisters come running out of the girls room and says "Sharyn's got the hots for you na na naa na"
  • Mar 1, 1000

    Going to school

    on his way to school the jalbu Sharyn gave him one of those 'mango mouth' smiles. She was hanging off her front fence. Maybe migaloos cant see those clouds that follow you on bad days.
  • Apr 1, 1000


    The bully (Stacey Straun) comes and Comes up behind him on the verandah and wacks the main character with his bag.then he says "yuck, now i'm gonna have to ash my mum to wash my bag."
  • May 1, 1000

    Hairyman in the house!

    I try not to listen for the hairy man. He won't come until it is quiet anyway. Sheeek, creeeeekk, shkkkk. "there it is, I can here his footsteps.
  • Jun 1, 1000

    The Hairyman...

    is just out side our door, I know he his. Now the handles moving. He's opening the door. Plop! what was that? He's got me his hands on my throat.I try to get his hands of my throat but wait... The hh hh they're my hands hh hh hh He doesn't have me after all.
  • Jul 1, 1000

    Finding something...

    Plop! What was that this time? It's on my face and it's wet! Oh, I dead this time. Please, I was having a joke! I don't really want to die. But wait... it just jumped. It's a frog! It's a little green tree frog! A girragundji.
  • Aug 1, 1000

    Able to do more

    It's the middle of the night and i'm busting.Gundji's there so I get up and go to the gulmra (the dunny)
  • Sep 1, 1000

    Cousin meets the hairyman

    The main characters' cousin comes in and says that the hairyman was breathing down his neck. He tells him to lay down and let the frog protect him
  • Oct 1, 1000

    The Bohle

    The main characters' dad was packing the ute to go down to The Bohle. That is the main characters' special place where the river meets the sea. He can feel that something important is going to happen. His frog (gundji) is watching him from the window lab. The frogs and the boys spirits will always be together even if they are physically not.
  • Nov 1, 1000

    Hairyman seen

    We get home and all the lights are on and all of our aunties and uncles are surrounding the house. Mum says that the hairman was spotted in the boy's room. My auntie says that it is a white hairyman. Mum says we need to smoke the house but dad thinks we need to get the church fella out. We're getting popeye out to get the house smoked.
  • Dec 1, 1000

    Hairyman in the boys room!

    I wake with a start. It's him, it's the hairyman! I can hear his feet on the lino Shhhhkk Creeaaak shhhkkk Creeaaak. I'm laying on the bed but where is my gundji? "don't be afraid our spirits will always be together! I can feel him at the door. I'm afraid but i get that fear and push it away. I can feel my gundji jump inside me.
  • Jan 1, 1001

    Sharyn again!

    I'm up early and ready! I don't care if my sisters see me stop at Sharyns' house, so what? I say G'day and she says that she likes footy. She comes to watch me.
  • Feb 1, 1001


    I can here the rain on the roof. I have a dream about kicking goals. Shaz his watching me. I can hear a noise. Wait.. that's her, that's my gundji she's calling out to me like death. Fear squeezes my heart. The rain brings the snakes, I know one has her it, I just know it!
  • Mar 1, 1001


    I've never had wart's before, but now I do! Sharyns' mum said that it might be caused by touching frogs too much, but she's a migaloo and they have some weird ideas. Sharyn says i should see a doctor. I just kiss them and say i don't care. She dropped me the next day. I found myself smiling at Jody Butler today, she said she likes going into the bush with her family.
  • Apr 1, 1001

    Chorus of croaks

    It rains again and i listen for the chorus of croaks. I hear my giragundji, i know she will always be protecting me. She's still in my heart and is still protecting me.