My First Years

  • Newborn

    This is me as a newborn with my Papy. I am just 17 days old.
  • Baptism

    Here I am with my Papa and my Grand-mère (this means grand-mother in french). They are also my godparents.
  • Big Sister

    Big Sister
    I am now a 'big sister'. My aunt, Tati Rolande, bought me my pretty dress.
  • Me and Sis

    Me and Sis
    Don't you love my sister's afro? She wears it well.
  • Daph's Baptism

    Daph's Baptism
    This is my little sister's special day. This is a picture of her with her family and her godparents.
  • First Halloween

    First Halloween
    This is my first Halloween costume. We are on our way to school.
  • First Communion

    First Communion
    This is special religious day for me. This is me with parents at my First Communion party.