My Family Timeline

Timeline created by zdannaq
  • My father

    My father
    He's my dad , her name is William .
    He is the oldest in the house .
    My father is fatter than my mother
    My brother is taller than mi father.
  • My Mother

    My Mother
    This is my mother .Her name is Nelcy,she is the shortest in the family She is the most beautiful woman in the world.
    She is one year younger than my father .
  • My brother

    My brother
    This is my brother .Her name is Alejandro, he is the tallest of the brothers.
    I am younger than he for three years.
    This is more intelligent than me in mathematics.
  • This is me

    This is me
    I am Danna , I'm the happiest in the house.
    I am older than my sister for two years.
    My sister is bigger than me . She is the thinnest.
  • My Sister

    My Sister
    This is my sister .Her name is Carol , she is the youngest of the family. She is the most modern in fashion.
    My sister is taller than me , I have longer hair than she .
  • My Dog

    My Dog
    This is my dog .Her name is Tomy cecilio .
    It's the smallest dog , has more eyes than face.
    It is the best dog.