My family timeline

  • My grandmother

    My grandmother
    This is my grandmother from my mother's family. Her name is Olga rios rincon. She was born in Genova-Quindío and now she lives in Armenia-Quindío, my grandmother is short, with dark skin and short hair.
  • My mother

    My mother
    This is my mother. Her name is Maria Morales Rios. She is smaller than me, her hair is black as are her eyes, she is dark and thick.
  • My sister

    My sister
    This is my sister. Her name is Marlly Fernanda Yepes Morales. She is a bit tall and has long hair, her conciseness is thick and her skin is white, she has brown eyes like mine, she has two children.
  • Me

    This is me. I'm Dahian Valentina Yepes Morales. I was born in Armenia-Quindio, where I currently live. I am 17 years old and my skin is whiter than cheese, I am a little tall, with long hair and brown eyes.
  • My niece

    My niece
    This is my niece. Her name is Gabriela Silva Yepes. She is the most beautiful in the world, she is four years old and very intelligent, my niece has light hair as well as her white skin, she has very beautiful brown eyes like honey.
  • My nephew

    My nephew
    This is my baby nephew. His name is Raphael Yepes Morales. He is the little man in my house, my nephew is white with dark hair and has bright dark brown eyes, his face is beautiful and his body is very small because he is seven months old.