My family through the years by Brittany Smith

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    Over the Years

  • Bessy Green

    Bessy Green
    This is my grandfatheer Ralph's mom. She traveled the world and learned many things. She was an amazing painter and at the age of 90 she still drove! She past away a few years ago.
  • Roland March Peavy

    Roland March Peavy
    This is my great grandfather who passed away 2 1/2 years ago. He was my gran gran's father and married my great grandmother when he was 19. He was a hard worker and would help any one he knew.
  • Jewel Baker

    This is Ann's mother. She apst away when I was about 6. I do not have any pictures of her. She use to keep me when i was little and always made sure I did my homework. She aslo took my brother and I to church.
  • Phelma McDonald Peavy

    Phelma McDonald Peavy
    This is my MawMaw. She was married to Roland. They were married for 72 years before he passed away. She was an incredible woman and passed away in 2010 a few days after my brothers graduation. She had heart problem and did not have any legs. She never let it get her down and was a very giving woman. I was very fortunate to have her around as long as I did.
  • Ralph Hall

    Ralph Hall
    This is my grandfather, my fathers dad. He is married to Shirley Hall and they own Hall Plumbing. He is an amazing kind person and I do not know what I would do without him.
  • Shirley Hall

    Shirley Hall
    This is my Gran Gran. This woman is the reason I am who I am. She taught me everything I know. This is my dad's mom. I can go to her about anything.
  • James Paxton 1

    This is my dad mom. He is a very funny man.
  • Ann Goodson

    Ann Goodson
    This is my mom's mom. She keeps all the family's kids in North Carolina. She is full of art activities and has way more patiet than I ever will be.
  • Sylvia Smith

    This my aunt she is married to Carl Smith and Hunter is thier son. In my opinion she makes the best potato sald. :)
  • Carl smith

    This is my Uncle and he works for Quincy Compressor. He is a very smart man and I always go to him if i need help involving computers!
  • James Paxton

    James Paxton
    This my mom's brother. He lives in North Carolina with the rest of my mom's family and her. I go to visit them at least once a year.
  • James Smith

    James Smith
    This is my father. He is a hard worker and has fought for my brother and I. He has taught me to work hard.
  • Kimberly Paxton

    Kimberly Paxton
    This is my mother. She lives in North Carolina and comes to visit when she can.
  • Brittany Nicole Smith

    Brittany Nicole Smith
    This is me. I hope to be done with school in 3 more simesters. I work 3 jobs. I hope to one day teach the first grade.
  • Hunter Roland Smith

    Hunter Roland Smith
    This is my first cousin. We grew up really close just like a brother. He plays babseball for Baldwin County High School. He is in the 10th grade.
  • James Paxton Jr.

    James Paxton Jr.
    This is one of my first cousins. He will also be coming to visit from N.C next summer. he is a great singer and is involved in the chior at his school.
  • Anna Paxton

    Anna Paxton
    This is my little sister. She lives with my mother in North Carolina. I miss her tons and look forward to her visitting next summer.
  • James Smith II

    James Smith II
    He is my little brother and best friend that currently lives in Daytona, Florida. He is attending Wyotec and will return home at the end of December.