My Family.

  • My papals Birthday

    My papals Birthday
    Hes an amazing person wouldn't trade him for the world.
  • Real dad was born

    Real dad was born
    This was always good cause that meant there was always someone out there for him to love.
  • Step dad was born

    Step dad was born
    This is another amazing person being born.
  • Mother was born

    Mother was born
    This was also another amazing day because, i would of never been born if she wasn't born.
  • Mom moved out

    Mom moved out
    She moved out because, she didnt want to but she needed time to herself.
  • Found out mom was pregnant

    Found out mom was pregnant
    I (Jaboa) was her first child. She named me this because it was unique and diffrent.
  • I was born!

    I was born!
    This was the greatest day of my moms life, they always told her she wasnt able to get pregnant, but, she proved them all wrong.
  • My 1st birthday

    My 1st birthday
    I ate cake, and i got it every where and i mean every where.
  • I said my first curse word

    I said my first curse word
    My mom and dad always thought this was funny.
  • Grandmal died

    Grandmal died
    This was so bad cause she never got to meet my sister, and this is also bad becausei really didn't know her all that well and wish i knew her more.
  • My sister was born

    My sister was born
    This was amazing because i always wanted a younger sibling.
  • Mom and Dad split

    Mom and Dad split
    This was bad, but i guess it happens for a reason.
  • Step dad and mom got together

    Step dad and mom got together
    This was another good day cause my step was more of my dad then my real dad ever was.
  • Dad cut finger with Chain saw

    Dad cut finger with Chain saw
    This was bad, he had to be rushed to the hospital. This was a crazy day.
  • Sister broke her leg.

    Sister broke her leg.
    She didnt know at first till she woke up and couldnt move that leg at all.
  • Dad died

    Dad died
    This was the worst day of my life, i balled like a big baby and couldn't stop. I greifed for the longest time.
  • I wrecked a bike and my sister had to get stiches

    I wrecked a bike and my sister had to get stiches
    What happened here wasnt good because my aunt put us on a bike with no breaks and my sister was in the basket on the front and she made us hit the back of a truck and it busted my sisters top lip inside she got 32 stiches. OUCH!
  • Got my first job

    Got my first job
    This was good cause i could do what i wanted and not only that but, buy what i wanted.
  • Mom had first wreck, EVER.

    Mom had first wreck, EVER.
    We got blamed for this wreck, this is pretty bad we totaled the other car while we drove off with no injurys.
  • I got my licenses

    I got my licenses
    This was a crazy day, i was exstremly nervous and was scared.
  • College

    I plan to go to college in the future, and get a degree in medical careers.
  • NEW job

    I plan to have a better job in medical careers.
  • Family

    i plan to be married and have atleast 2 kids. ( 1 boy and 1 girl )