my famaly tree

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  • the garcia-terrones family

    my moms sid has up to my grand grand parents my my grand grand parents died at the age of 94 bouth my grand grand mother and grand grand dad my grand parents ofelia terrones, and my grand dad miguel garcia had my mom in there 30's and my mom came over to the u.s. with my dad in there late tenage year's
  • the jara-masias family

    in my dad'a genaration there was only to his granparents and when my dad turned 18year old he came over to the united states his grampa alberto jara died at the age of 109 years old my dad was born on 1981 my grampas name is manuel jara martinez
  • when my parent came to the u.s.

    my mom is from durango, mexico and my dad is from veracruz,mexico they meet in a middle school and they srted to date then they got marride and they came over to the u.s. because they said they wanted a better life for them and me and my sibblings
  • my older brothers

    my parents irene garcia terrones and my dad hector jara macias had my older brothers hector jara-garcia and my other older brother miguel jara garcia where born in 1995
  • when i was born

    i was born in 2000 my parents had me in there late 20's
  • my little brothers

    my little brother gabriel and gustavo jara-garcia where born in 2002