My Exposure to Traditional and New Media

  • Newspaper

    When i was 4 years old, i always saw a newspaper because my father use to to wrap at his work. I usually read it when it talk about basketball
  • Television and Radio

    Television and Radio
    I remember when i always go to my grandfather to watch to their television. And he also has radi, it was small and there is antenna that is attached to it.
  • Educational Books

    Educational Books
    When i was 6 years old, i started go to school. Although im didnt know how to read, they gave us book. I remember it was English and Filipino books.
  • Nokia Phone

    Nokia Phone
    When was just a kid, i always borrowed my father phone, and its brand was Nokia. I always play games to it, just like snakes, space impact, and bounce.
  • PlayStation Portable (PSP) and Brick Game

    PlayStation Portable (PSP) and Brick Game
    I remember during summer vacation, we always go to our cousins to Manila. My aunt buy me PSP and brick game that time. We always go to muslim shop to download many games. Brick was so classic, you can enjoy it even all you can see was square.
  • Computer

    My aunt and uncle also have computer shop, i remember it have a total of twelve pc. We are free to use it, and it that time the famous games that people play were Special Force (SF) and Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas (GTA: San Andreas)
  • Telephone

    In my aunt house, they have telephone and it was two. It was my first time to use it, then because i was naughty that time, im always dial a random number and turn off when someone answer it.
  • PlayStation

    2012, when we leave province and started living in Manila. Their are has a playstation beside of our house. Im always there to play many games, just like Smackdown, Guitar Hero, The Warriors and many more, but my most favorite game of all was Naruto.
  • Facebook

    When im in grade 4, i started creating an Facebook account. It just all of my classmates have an account to chat each other and play facebook games, like Tetris, Dragon City, Criminal Case, Marketland, and Pet Society.
  • Flatscreen TV

    Flatscreen TV
    It was 2013 when we change our TV to flatscreen. It was bigger and i can clearly see things on the movie that i watch.
  • Dell Laptop

    Dell Laptop
    When my mother go home from abroad, she bring this laptop, It was heavy and big, that i didnt bring it anywhere.
  • Smartphone

    When i was in gade 7, my mother bought me my first smartphone. I remember its brand was HTC, and its color white.
  • Messenger

    Because it my first time to have smartphone, i download messenger to chat my classmates and for my family to contact me.
  • Clash of Clans

    Clash of Clans
    Clash of Clans was the most famous mobile games in that time. I always play it and it has a feature where you can exchange messages to your co-gamer.
  • Ipad

    My mother bought an ipad, when i was grade 8. It was bigger that smart phones and it have many games in there.
  • Twitter and Instagram

    Twitter and Instagram
    2018 when i started using other social media apps, i try to use twitter and instagram.
  • Mobile Legends

    Mobile Legends
    Mobile Legends (ML) was the next mobile games that became famous after the Clash of Clans (COC), it was 5v5 MOBA games and many people play it.
  • Google Meet and Classroom

    Google Meet and Classroom
    Because of this pandemic, school classes was became online. I started using it to attend online class and answer tasks given by my teachers online.
  • Tiktok

    2021,current year, many countries are experiencing pandemic because of the spread COVID-19. Because of boredom, i use this Tiktok app. It have many videos that are entertaining and it has feature where you can see the people's opinion and feedback.