• Primary

    All primary school I studied at Public School No. 122 Japan.
    I remember the name of my favorite teacher back then, her name is Celeste Paredes.
  • Middle level

    Middle level
    I studied the intermediate level at the Liceo en Computing 21st century No. 1. From the first day we were taught to use the computer and Excel software, I was fascinated with this program.
  • The diversified

    The diversified
    The diversified also studied at the Liceo Siglo 21, I decided to study an accountant with specialization in computing.
    In the last year of my degree I received the seminar course which would mark my life a lot, we did many activities, among which was to write a list of goals, I took this activity very seriously that to date I have been fulfilling one by one of the goals I wrote that day.
  • Period: to

    College adventure

    From 2009 to 2012 I tried to study a degree in systems engineering, but my job as an accounting assistant required most of my time and was my first failed attempt at university.
  • Period: to


    After dedicating a lot of time to my work, I saw many opportunities pass by because I had not studied at the university, so I decided because of the experience I had in the accounting and financial field, to choose a career in business administration. The advantage I had this time was that the company I worked for decided to support me by changing the working hours from Monday to Friday. This allowed me to close pensum in the time established by the university (4 years)
  • Master in Business Administration / English

    Master in Business Administration / English
    Currently I am studying the Master of Business Administration and the English course. After finishing this master's degree I would like to study to be a data scientist. The advice I can give you to be a good student is that discipline in most cases beats intelligence. Set goals and even if your strategy on the road changes, never take your eyes off the goal.