My Education

By Sarora
  • My First Pre-school

    My First Pre-school
    Pibo’s Garden Preschool was my first, and favourite preschool.. I remember that Pibo’s Garden is in Singapore, and for some reason, I really loved getting sick in the Singaporean weather. I don’t remember much, but there are still a few things that I am still teased about to date. The preschool is on a road that I still remember; Bukit Timah Road. The funniest thing happened on my third birthday when I got scared of my birthday candles so another kid just blew them out for me. I cried.
  • My Second Pre-school

    TLC, in Koramangala, Bangalore, was my second preschool. I know that I had fun there, and definitely did not get sick as much as I did in Singapore. I also remember my mom dropping me at school, and my grandma picking me up pretty much every day. TLC was a normal preschool, nothing to interesting ended up happening there. According to my mom, I cried almost every day for the first week, seemingly for small things; likely because I was still getting used to India. Soon, I would meet Rohit in BIS.
  • My First School, BIS

    My First School, BIS
    I made many friends in BIS, competed academically and in sports (though not as much as in CIS). My best friend from this school was Rohit Kalon, who I would end up with in the same school for a long time. I do remember having some of the most fun times at school; water gun parties, holidays incredibly often, almost no workload, and lots of celebrations. This continued through 2nd grade, but 3rd saw an increase in workload and sports competition. To know about my 1st grade, refer to “OIS”.
  • Math

    I have always loved getting ahead of the curriculum in math. What most people don’t understand is I never really studied math out side of school. I just talk to my dad about advanced math and science for fun, because I think it’s interesting to learn the language of the universe. It’s astonishing how much you can learn when you’re not forced to learn it. I was ahead in math back in 2016. I am still ahead of the school math curriculum, and I still talk to my dad about math in the car, everyday.
  • OIS Mumbai

    OIS Mumbai
    I was seven years old when my mom got a big working opportunity in Mumbai, India. Out original plan was to go to Mumbai for a couple of years, but my mom was needed more back in Bangalore. In 2017, I was in first grade, this was the first year (in school) that I wasn’t in BIS (with Rohit) for. The school was called OIS, Oberoi International School. I met one of my current classmates in OIS, his name is Vihaan Mehta Das. OIS wasn’t a great school (comparatively), but I do recall a few fun times.
  • The Return to BIS

    The Return to BIS
    I think I was the most nervous person ever in 2nd grade, I literally planned what to say to my friends if they don’t remember me. Thankfully, everyone back at BIS recognized me, especially Rohit, and Devansh. Akhil had been my friend for over 3 years now, and we actually had lots of fun during 2018. Akhil helped me train for school tournaments. This photo is on the first day back from the Netherlands trip, which is still my second best vacation ever. This restaurant is still one of my favorites.
  • I join CIS (and online school starts)

    I join CIS (and online school starts)
    Way back in 4th grade I joined my current school, Canadian International School Bangalore. At first I was incredibly nervous but CISb grew on me. This photo was taken during 4th grade. Back in 4th, we were still online, so I genuinely have idea why I was so worried. My teacher was Mr William, but we all called him Mr Will. 4th grade was a bit easy in terms of assignments, so me and Mr Will would get on calls to talk about baseball and cricket. Mr Will is now one of my favorite teachers to date.
  • Middle School at CIS!

    Middle School at CIS!
    Reaching 6th grade is still one of my biggest milestones ever. Lots of things have happened (so far) in 6th grade. I have made plenty of new friends, played/practiced a lot of sports, and gotten better academically. At CIS middle school, I don’t really feel like the new kid anymore, considering a lot of my friends are new. I should mention that Rohit, who was in the same school as me from LKG-G6, except for grade 1 (when I was in OIS with Vihaan), is now in Poland, with a different school.
  • Running

    At this point, running had become my biggest hobby. More specifically, long distance running. I learned how to keep pace and went to the gym almost everyday to practice on the treadmill. On this day I ran my first ever 5K in under 29 minutes! I also eventually would go on to practice short distance running (100 meter sprint). Little did I know that I would earn multiple medals later on l for running and more.