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My Development

  • First Trimester

    First Trimester
    During my mom's firs trimester of pregnancy with me she experienced all of the regular pregnancy symptoms pretty quickly. She had pretty bad morning sickness and was tired all of the time. She also got winded even after doing something small.
  • 3rd Trimester

    3rd Trimester
    My mom was told at the very beginning of this trimester that I'm not a boy but I'm a girl. She was uncomfortable from this moment until she delivered.
  • 2nd Trimester

    2nd Trimester
    My mom said that her second trimester went by very quick. She would feel me kick all the time, especially when she was talking. One thing that she remembered was when my nana would talk or touch her belly I would go crazy in her belly. This was also when a lot of her cravings kicked in, she craved a lot of spicy food when she was pregnant with me. This was also when she was told I was going to be a boy.
  • Birth to 2 weeks

    Birth to 2 weeks
    My mom said she had to be induced but was in labor for about 11 hours and pushed for about 30-40 minutes. The first two weeks were pretty easy, I rarely cried, only when I was hungry or wet.
  • Infant- Physical development

    By the time I was 3-4 months I was able to hold my head up and sit on my own. When I was 6 or 7 months I started to crawl and teethe, I chewed on everything. When I was 4 months I was able to recognize my sisters voice and my aunts and uncles voice.
  • Infant-Language Development

    By the time I was 3 months I was babbling and talking nonsense like babies usually do. As I got older I started babbling back to people and would point to things as I said things.
  • Infant-Cognitive Development

    During this time I would first get upset thinking that my blanket and stuffy would be gone because I couldn't find it but I eventually would just crawl around until I was able to find it.
  • Infant-Social and Emotional Development

    As an infant I was very attached to my mom and my nana the most. They held me and soothed me majority of the time so I built that attachment with them. I wasn't very picky about who was able to hold me, I would go to really just anyone that wanted to hold me.
  • Toddler-Physical Development

    At around 20 months I started walking around. Around that age I was also able to grasp things better.
  • Toddler-Cognitive Development

    At this age I started to imitate the things that my sisters did and started to learn that actions have consequences in a way.
  • Toddler-Social and emotional Development

    I started to be able to identify my emotions, explaining if I was sad or happy or angry. I also became more social being able to play with other kids.
  • Toddler-Language Development

    I started talking and forming words around 1. I was able to understand what I was being told.
  • Early Childhood-physical development

    Around this time I was able to correctly run and jump. I was able to use crayons and markers to color and draw. At 5, I was able to start using scissors, with help.
  • Early Childhood- Social and Emotional Development

    Being in school during this time in my life helped me to build better social capabilities by constantly being around other people. This also helped me build my emotions better because at such a young age I had to learn to not be with my mom or dad all the time
  • Early Childhood- Cognitive Development

    I was in preschool/kindergarten at this time in my life so I was able to build a better memory by doing school activities as I got older.
  • Early Childhood- Language Development

    At this point in time I was able to form more complex sentences and better express my thoughts.
  • Middle Childhood- Language Development

    I now have a better comprehension of reading, and can understand most words and have full conversations.
  • Middle Childhood- Cognitive Development

    with now being in school for a few years I have improved my writing skills, my memory, and basic school skills like reading and math.
  • Middle Childhood- Social and Emotional Development

    At this age I now have a better understanding of not only my emotions but others as well.
  • Middle Childhood-Physical Development

    During this time in my life, I had improved my physical skills like running, jumping, and playing physical games. This was the most active parts of my childhood.
  • Adolescent- language development

    Adolescent- language development
    I know have sophisticated language skills and have developed better communication skills.
  • Adolescent- social and emotional development

    Adolescent- social and emotional development
    Now that I am in the middle of puberty during this time I have been hit with a multitude of hormones that have thrown my emotions all over the place. I am more social during this time as I have more friends now then when I was younger.
  • Adolescent- cognitive development

    Adolescent- cognitive development
    I know have better problem solving skills now that I am dealing with a little more problems as I am having to deal with more problems as I've gotten older.
  • Adolescent- physical development

    Adolescent- physical development
    At this point I have a lot of physical changes, I am a women so things on my body change throughout my life. That is what is called puberty.