My Democracy

By adhieuc
  • Period: to


  • A Revolution

    A rebellion against the Fire Nation Party in Sudan starts
  • War breaks out

    Due to all the arguments and rebellions against the one party government, war breaks out and it is disasterous
  • Cease Fire

    The Holiday season comes around so fighting stopped to let troops be with their families
  • Surrender of the Fire Nation

    After a long and hard fight to get rid of the Fire Nation presence, the political party surrender their power in the government.
  • A Battle to find Peace

    After the war, Sudan is left depleted of its resources, and people are struggling to create a just system of government
  • Conventions for solutions

    A series of conventions are held to discuss the future of Sudan by inviting world leaders and local Politicians.
  • Creation of the Constitution

    After a long battle to break away from the evil Fire Nation, a Constitution was written officially creating rights for all citizens of Sudan. It was announced that the new government would be a presidential democracy.