My childhood

Timeline created by Teri Ruud
  • Baby

    This was the summer of 2000. I was roughly 7 months old? I was clearly a young baby not able to do anything for myself. We were boating down the river that day. I depended on my parents for my care and basic needs. This would be Stage 1: Trust vs. Mistrust. I was learning if I could trust my parents to care for my needs.
  • Childhood

    This would be sometime in June of 2005. This would be pike fishing time where we would spend weeks in the country. Which often meant at camp we were able to roam around- there were no rules. Unless it put us in danger. I would be sent to the lawn chair if I was doing something wrong. I would feel left out if my older siblings got to do it and I didn't. This would be stage 4: Industry vs. Inferiority. Feeling inferior when I was left out from activities and often pout.
  • Adolesence

    May 2018. My boyfriend and I were painting my dad's greenhouse. We were mostly laughing the whole time, so it didn't really feel like work. We were still learning about each other so at times we were awkward. When it was just us two we felt more open. This is stage 5: Identity vs. Identity Confusion. Figuring out who I wanted to be and the type of person I would want in my life. Feeling free around peers is true, you learn about yourself.