My birthday

  • My birth

    I was born in Capital Federal.I am the daughter of Maria Rosa and Juan, I am the youngest of the family, I have a sister called Karina, who is 35 and she is teacher of English, and a brother called Adrian, who is 26 and he lives in Formosa.
    Doctors said to my mother that she couldn't have more babies and suddenly she was pregnant of me, I was 6 months in my mother's belly
  • My first birthday

    For my first year of life I remember that my mother made a party at home wtih all my family; my cousins, my uncle, my aunt and my godparents.
    It was a very exciting day for my parents because it was the first birthday of their daughter
  • My first day at school

    My first day at school was fantastic, I remember that I was very nervous that day, everything was new for me, new partners a teacher and in the moment that the teacher closed the door and said " come here anabella" I felt very sad because my mother left me alone, I didn't konw what to do but then as the day passed I made new friends we had the snack all together. When it was time to leave I didn´t want to go
  • My first communion

    I took my first communion in the church of Monte Grande.
    I remember that I was very anxious, we were a bunch of people. I was with my mother and my father until the teacher took me to another part of the church to receive the blesing of the priest.
  • The birth of my nephew

    Benjamin is my brother's son. He was born in August in Formosa, my brother´s wife , Silvia, had a complicated pregnancy but fortunately my nephew was born healthy.
    Now he lives in Formosa , sometimes I miss him, but when they came to Buenos Aires I didn´t have a good relationship with them for different things so I prefer living away from them
  • My fifteen's years

    Although I didn´t have a party, it was a wonderful and magnificient night with all my family and my friends. I received a lot of presents but the best thing was that I spent the best night of my life with all the people I love
  • My last day of school

    My last day at school was very sad because I knew it was our last year. Teachers read us a letter that made me cry and they wanted the best for our future and asked what career we were going to study.
  • My party of graduates

    On november 22, 2010 I had my party of graduates with my schoolmates, despite not having a good relationship we agreed and found a place to do the party.
    We spent a wonderful night with our families and with our friends.