Personal Timeline

  • My Birth Story

    My Birth Story
    I was born in the Bronx, New York at 11:57 pm on June 15th, 2006. I was born with hazing brown eyes and curly brown hair. At 7 pounds 3 ounces I was ready to enter the big new world.
  • My First Necklace

    My First Necklace
    This was the first necklace that I received. In Hispanic culture is a need to have your name on your necklace. Also, it was a New York thing saying that it was a trend in the 90s there that got carried out till now. I still have this necklace and it grew on me and wear it almost every day.
  • First photo shoot

    First photo shoot
    My brother and I took some family photos for the first time. We also matched our color outfits as well.

    Every Easter Sunday my mom, aunt, and grandma would dress me and my cousin the same. I loved how many Easter eggs I would receive.
  • Sister's Adoption

    Sister's Adoption
    This was my Half-sister's adoption. She was joining our family for good.

    This was one of the cookouts I went to. It was my family and me. We had a blast and I tried ribs for the first time that day my mom said.
  • Chuck e cheese

    Chuck e cheese
    My first time at chuck e cheese where I was able to run around without my parents holding me. I had so much fun. Fun fact... I work there now!!!

    I went to the zoo this day and saw a few animals that I didn't know who they were at the time. It was very cold that day I had to wear a jacket.

    My brother and I getting ready for a day at the local pool. We were very excited and this is when my mom took a photo of us.
  • Cousin's Birthday

    Cousin's Birthday
    This was my cousin's birthday party. We went to Connecticut for the party and I had lots of fun.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    I was going to the first grade in this photo, I was ready to go and was very excited.
  • 7th Birthday

    7th Birthday
    This is my 7th birthday party. I was supposed to be a fairy and was very excited to start a new chapter in my life.
  • First Day of 3rd grade

    First Day of 3rd grade
    This was the first day of third grade. I loved this outfit I had on.
  • First Math Award

    First Math Award
    My whole life, even now I struggled with math. When I received this reward in middle school I was filled with joy to know that my hard work was paying off.
  • Getting 4 Percings

    Getting 4 Percings
    I love getting different types of ear piercings. To me the only hurt for a second but the finished product it so cute.
  • Me & my friends

    Me & my friends
    This was a time when my friends and I decided to go bowling. We reunited for the first time in a while and everyone had an amazing time with each other.
  • HOSA

    This was the first club that I joined at West Cabarrus High school. It was a club called HOSA and it's for young healthcare interests and this was the first ever blood drive for us.
  • My Sweet 16

    My Sweet 16
    I finally turned 16 and it felt like forever. All my friends were there with me to celebrate in the big city of Charlotte.
  • My 16th Birthday

    My 16th Birthday
    My Family and I went to Mexico to celebrate my 16th birthday. This was my first time getting on a plane and being outside of the U.S. This is also my favorite cousin in the photo.

    This was when I received my Spanish Honor Society award for the school. My brother came to watch me receive my award. I was very proud of myself at that moment.