My Biography

  • I was born.

    I was born in the Hospital Herrera Llerandi.
  • My first steps

    During my first year I learned how to wlak and started learning my first words.
  • Having fun at home

    During my second year of life I remember having a lot of fun. I really enjoyed staying at home playing with my brothers and sisters.
  • My first school

    My first school
    When I was 3 years old I went to my first shoool. I dont remember much about this part of my life, but my parents told me that I was not so happy about the idea of school.
  • Period: to

    Learning a Lot

    I learned a lot during my first and seccond year of school.
  • My new school

    After the pre-school Steps, I got in to a school named Metropolitano.
  • My first trip

    My first trip
    I went to Orlando, with my family and we had a lot of fun.
  • New century

    New century
    I went to Mexico, to celebrate the beginning of the year 2000.
  • Cancun

    I had a great yerar and very good notes, so during vacation I went to Cancun.
  • Horse Riding

    Horse Riding
    During that vacations I star riding horses.
  • A terrible year

    During this year I had problems with some classes and I had really bad grades, so I had to study more and forget about duing other things.
  • New school

    After having a bad year during 2004, my parens decided that I had to change from the school so I started this year in a schhol named Goodman.
  • A new begining

    A new begining
    Goodman was a very good school, but I felt that I was able to give a little more, so I got in to "Centro Escolar Kyool"
  • New horse

    New horse
    I like so much horse riding that my parents bought me a horse, I named it Chapina.
  • House on the beach

    House on the beach
    My parents bought a new house on the beach.
  • My first championship

    My first championship
    That year I won my first championship of 90cm.
  • My first International competition

    My first International competition
    I won 5th place in a International competition.
  • A big change

    A big change
    I took a big steo in my life because I decided to change mu horse riding teacher.
  • Europe

    My first trip to Europe
  • Madrid

    I saw a match of Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabeu.
  • Jetski

    I finally learned how to make flips in the Jetski.
  • Night Sky

    Night Sky
    We bought a new horse.