My beginning

  • 4.4 Childhood Attachment Experiences

    my childhood attachment experience is when my best friend at my hometown area. We have known each other over 15 years. We do support each other alot through the good times and bad time. As we were little and grown up together, we did alot of things together. For an example: We help each other's homework, go shopping together, go bowling together, our realtionship has been a strong bond between us of proximity.
  • 4.1 Young Adult Role Transition

    things that I have already did when I was younger was that have had experienced moved out of my mom's house twice. I am currently on my own at school. Got a car at the age of 22 years old. Graduated from High school in 2007. got my first job at the age of 16.
  • 1.1 The Beginning

    I felt like this was when I start to become as an adult because when I first came to Gallaudet University, I was on my own and learn things on my own. my social age has changed when I came to Gallaudet that time and met new people. Psychological age and well as Functional age, I was nervous at that time because when I lived here in DC becuase the new envorment and I was on my own and I handle that very well.
  • 7.3 Major Life Event.

    I remember the huge rain storm that affects in Ohio. We were without of electricity for over 2 weeks. I was living with my best friend at that time. we had no hot water, no gas to cook food with, no resturant that was open, and etc,.we suffered alot but we had also had to cope with it too. we find ways to support ourselves to survive this event by go to family member's house to eat, ask to take us to work because of gas station was not open to get to work. it was horrible. so had social support.
  • 2.1 Oxidative Damage

    As I read the book about this situation, I recommand to start in your twenties because our health will go down hill if we do not take care of it now. It is important to consume fruit and vegetables. it is best to eat blueberry 1 cup per day, as the book stated. the benefits for eating healthy now it that our memories will improve and our motor coorportaes by decresing of oxidative stress. if we want to have good memories for our future, then we should improve our eating habits.
  • Genetic Limits

    the section about animal and human comparison but mostly about living longer in human life and how to be the same as animals. I thought Telomeres was interesting. This discuss about our cells like a "time keeper" and how the divisions slows down because issues we are facing: osteoporosis, type II dieabetes, chronic stress, lack of exercising, etc. based on genetic for shorter telemoere relate to premature aging and age related disease and heavy/ light exercise. we can live up to 110-120 years
  • 2.3- my current life style

    I do vegetables but not often and I do not really eat fruit every day. I barely drink soda but I do drink a lot of juice and water. I used to smoke cigarettes but I quit for stress but I manage other ways to handle my stress. I do not drink moderate alcohol, I do not really drink at all. I barely use sunscreen during the summer but I am usually inside all the time. I would like to exercise more often but I have to have motivation to do it. it hard for me to change i stress out all the time.
  • 2.4 potential consequences of my lifestyle

    I am obesity and I am risking my health and not having a good lifestyle. Obesity can lead me to numerous conditions, and I do not exercise regularly, go to the doctor to see if my health is ok. I need to exercise more often than I should and sleep more. I can prevent more health conditions before my health gets worse. When I hit 50; I will no longer have the motivation, and adapt a better life style for my future. Then I would not have to worry about cancer, and diabetes.
  • 4.2

  • 4.3 Adult Attachment Style

    I do believe that I am secure person for a relationship. Even though I do not have a partner, but I have friends that I really do care about being with him and felt secure, and he is my best friend, He is my roomate. I have known him for 3 or 4 years. I am comfortable being around him. I do hate loosing him but he will be in my heart forever. we have a good relationship.
  • 7.1 Fowler

    My life story is began here at Gallaudet because I was ready to take an adventure with my life. I wanted to leave home, wanted to go to college, and meet new people and make new friends. I feel in stage 5 is for me because I like to stand up for my rights. From what I have dealt with for reasoning and have the rights. Sometimes I felt like I didnt not have very many rights but I do after learning from on my own.
  • 7.2 Transitions

    awakening is possbily for me because when I realized that wanted to work with people and as for my major in Psychology. From my experiences from working with people, give them guidance and support them of what people need help with. That's why I chose psychology because I wanted to understand people and what they think, behave, and so much more. learned from my past experience from internships, gain more knowledge of society.
  • 6.1 My RIASEC type

    as my career that showed me was social because I like to help people. My career options: Mental health counselor and or counseling psychology. My second highest would be investigational and the careers for that is clincial psychology and school psychology. These career do match my style because I do like to help people. I believe this age I would pursue my career around this time and have a life.
  • 6.2 Super’s Stages

    I would probably chose the exploration because I want to continue my education for my PhD in psychology. I believe by this time because I hope to have a stable job and earn a living. Even though I think this tends to be women job because they list to consumers feelins and thoughts but men can do the same thing. I do see male psychology is growing for this career.
  • 4.1 Older adult transition: children

    For my older adult transition part is that I hope in my future that want to adopt deaf children. I love kids. I want to have a family but I want to start my own deaf family with only just sign language. I have been thinking about children for a while but NOT now. I do not mind to have a partner but I do not want to get married. Just want to have children becuse I believe that I have something to give for that child in my life. I would like to adoption deaf children
  • 3.1 semantic memory

    I believe at this time period I might have semantic memory because as I do get older, my memory will probably start to deteriorate. I am now on the process of not rememering alot of things. If someone reminds me something like homework or an appointment, I have to write things down for me to rememeber. As now I am wrting things down for me to get used of the idea of habit. It just something that I cannot hold informaton for a very long time. Only thing I can do is to write things down on paper
  • ADL (active daily living): decision-making

    Even now I am having diffculties on making-decisons. For an example: if my friends want to work out or work together for homework, etc..., it wil take me for a while to make my decision on what I want to do. it is not because I do not want to do anything, but just thinks what is my priorities. the only solution I have for this if my friends inform me ahead of time, then I would not have issues on making decisions.
  • 6.3- Generativity-Erikson

    As I was watching Celine Daze's video about her step-dad, about her step-dad about his Ego Integrity vs despair. What I mean is that he has dealt with in his life while growing up and he is statisfied with his life. I do believe in Erikson's theory of wisdom. When I hit 65 later, I hope I will be satisfited with my life because I am enjoying it now and I am living it. I will look back in my life from all of my accomplishments that i did.
  • 6.4- Conscientious

    As I was watching Celine's video, discussed about her step-dad's life, I though of myself if I was in his position about conscientiousness. Even though now I am working on my goals about graduating from Gallaudet, and continue to get my PhD and get a job. My achievements is striving because I have some of my accomplishment completed. By the time this year comes, I would be staisfied what I have done for my future
  • “8.1 The End”-

    As the results I will live up to the age of 69 IF i do not change my eating habis and exercise alot more too. yes I am over weight and I need to lose weight. stated that I have a 31 year old man body and I have 45 years left to live. I can change that If I want to live longer.
  • the End 2

    Brandon was a kind and sweet person who loves to make people laugh. Born and raised in Heath, Ohio and went to Gallaudet University pursuit his degree in BA in psychology. He established for a Deaf and hard-of-hearing/ LGBTQ/straight organization and counseling center for deaf and hard-of-hearing and hearing. After his retirement, moved to California enjoys the hot sun and the great gentle breeze