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My life

  • My B day

    My B day
    I was born into this lovely world.
  • My addiction started

    My addiction started
    I was a baby in a stroller and i discovered fishing
  • Moving day

    Moving day
    I moved from Chicago and moved 2 Florida
  • First time on a plane

    First time on a plane
    Kind of self explanatory
  • First b day

    First b day
    i turned 1
  • Puerto Ricco

    Puerto Ricco
    first time over seas
  • Moving day again :(

    Moving day again :(
    I moved back 2 Chicago
  • first day of preschool

    first day of preschool
  • karate

    I did karate
  • grandma passed

    grandma passed
    my grandma died
  • first time driving

    first time driving
    i drove my grandmas Cadillac in Puerto Ricco
  • Fist year of high school

    Fist year of high school
    I started my first year in high school

    first day of robotics
  • Graduation day

    Graduation day
    when i graduated from my elementary school
  • double plane flight

    double plane flight
    I went to Florida and from Florida i flew to Puerto Ricco
  • covid hits

    covid hits
    school closed
  • driving

    driving a car for the first time legally
  • My Kayak purchase

    My Kayak purchase
    I bought a kayak that i spent a lot of time on the water with and time building a trailer
  • My coolest freshwater catch

    My coolest freshwater catch
    caught a 34 inch pike
  • joining a unsuccessful weight lifting club

    joining a unsuccessful weight lifting club
    Aleks is in charge