my awsome summer

By alexb1
  • last day of schol

    that was the last day of school
    after school played kick ball and then went home and went to the park to see my friends my daddy came home off the road that day had a party.
  • excilarating

    me my sister abby and bunch of her freinds went ridding around and this one guy wouldnt stop following us so we started to go faster over by the highschool there was this big bump and my sister hit it we all hit the celling
  • most exciting day

     most exciting day
    well that day it was right before i got my ears pierced and the back window had just fell out so my mom cut cardboard to replace it and after that we went to a firework stand 3 miles out and bought a bunch of fireworks and hten we went home and shot them off when we were done eating
  • emergency room

    emergency room
    i had got my ears pierced a week before and one night my ear was really heavy and i had bloomed and so my moom took out the earings and the swelling wouldn't go down so hte next night my mom came home from work and she looked at my ear and it had go even worse so she took me to the emergency room
  • unecpected call

    unecpected call
    that day my mom had got a phone call from hte hospital and they said to hurry in that they found something in my blood so when we got there dr nystrom said that i had blood poisioning so they to stick a large needle in y are to give medicen they had to poke me twice
  • best day ever

    best day ever
    the same day my mom had to got to work and so she dropped me off at home and when i got out off the truck all my sisters and brother came running up to me crying and asking if i was ok and when i said yes they smiled
  • most exciting day ever

    most exciting day ever
    that was the day that i met sydney and skylar stock