My autobiography: Yusuf Bokharee

Timeline created by Yusuf Bokharee
  • Autobiography

    This my autobiography.
  • Born

    My name is: Yusuf Samer Mohammed Nabil Mohammed Ali Bokharee. I was born in Jeddah Saudi Arabia in December 23 2010. And I had this blue blanket since I was born until I was like 3 or 4 so that is one of the funny things in my life and I am pretty sure I still have it. So now it is going to be with me for 11 years.
  • Two year after I got a sis

    Two year after I got a sis
    I got a sister in 2012 and she was born in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, and she was called Ruba I loved her when she was born because she was so cute and I loved touching her blanket because it so fluffy and cute. And also I am pretty sure she still has it, so now it has been with her for 8 years.
  • Started school

    Started school
    I started school in the age of 3 and I really liked school by that time it was a sports day, and my team got first place and the we got the golden medals and I was so happy about that when I got home I showed it to my whole family I was so proud of my self that day that I did not want to take it of.
  • Started martial arts

    Started martial arts
    At first I used to cry, and I did not want to go to my martial arts gym and I was always complaining about fighting, and I was always like I don't want to fight him I don't wont to fight him I don't want to fight him no no I don't want to fight. And then I got in to it, and then i became a beast. Then I was like I just wanna fight I just wanna do this I just wanna do that.
  • Washington DC

    Washington DC
    So it was summer and we went to Washington DC for vacation and it was fun and I saw my uncle because he lived there and it was really fun. And I am going to say the truth I was so happy when I got some new shoes, that I weird it every day I just liked it so much and every day there we went to play and stuff like that.
  • I got third in a Jiu Jitsu tournament

    I got third in a Jiu Jitsu tournament
    So it was a Friday I went to the tournament kind of nervous so I played my first match and I won but then I lost my other to matches sadly but it was still so fun. And I really enjoyed it and by the way it was my first ever tournament, and it was so big but even though it was so fun.
  • I Went to another school

    I Went to another school
    I went to another school because my old school was becoming a little bit bad. But it was still ok because my new school was awesome and I really liked it so I started studying and yeah.
  • Started grade 5

    Started grade 5
    So I started grade five and it was going good in the beginning, and then I made some new friends I my best friend was Abdulmohsen, and until now he is my all time best friend and I like him so much but I even have more best friends but he is one of them not gonna lie he is really funny and really nice.
  • Started soccer

    Started soccer
    So I started soccer, and my academy's name is Jeddah Youth it is really fun and not to show of but I am a really good player, and the good thing about me is that I play any position, and that I am good in any position. Not only that but I always have fun and play my best but if I lose, its ok because in the end its just a game. And there is no point of playing if your going to scream and be mad all the time.