My Autobiography

  • My birth

    I was born in St George Private Hospital. I weighed 4kg and I was 51cm tall
  • First QLD trip

    My first trip to QLD to see my Great Grandmother and some of my cousins. On the aeroplane my ears kept getting blocked, which hurt alot!
  • My Christening

    I had my Greek Orthadox Christening. There were about 100 people there.
  • My brother was born

    My first sibling and brother was born. He was called Marcus. He weighed 4.1kg and was 53cm tall.
  • Sister was born

    My sister was born. She was called Talia
  • Moved houses

    I moved houses in Christmas week. After 1 year of renovating we finally moved in.
  • First day of big school

    It was my first day of big school. My teacher was Mrs Banks and I made alot of new friends
  • Most memorable QLD trip ever

    On this particular QLD trip I had the best time ever! I got to swim and learn about dolphins and I also got to swim with fish, stingrays and even sharks in the reef. I also saw my cousins every now and then.