My Autobiography

  • Birthdate

    I was born at 8:32 am
  • My first trip to Bogotá

  • My first CHRISTMAS!

  • I crawled for first time

  • My first step

  • The firs time I went to U.S.A

  • My first teeth arrived

  • My first halloween custom

  • My first word

    My first word was "mama"
  • Nohora burned my left feet

  • My first day in Babidibu

  • I knew my first friend; Emilio

  • My first turtle

  • My first day at The English School

  • I met my bestfriend; Santiago Sinisterra

  • I had my first exam

  • My first dog

  • My first birthday in U.S.A

  • My first trip to Costa Rica

  • The first time I went to the fabric of Coca-Cola

  • My first christmas in Guayaquil

  • The first time i went to Panama

  • I enter to 4 grade whith Miss. Michelle

  • I did my first trimestal exam of 4th grade; spanish

  • My second exam in 4th grade; english

  • My first exam of math

  • And now I am doing my performance stask