my autobiograghy obada

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  • my autobiograghy obada

    my autobiograghy obada
    hello i am obada and this is the special events of my life
  • birth

    I was born here in Jeddah. on October 18, 2010. early in the morning
  • first tooth

    first tooth
    I had my first tooth. on June 7, 2011. it was so tiny and sharp.
  • best cousin meeting

    best cousin meeting
    On the 22nd of August, I met my cousin Zohair. for the very first time. when he came from the USA
  • first adventure to orlando

    first adventure to orlando
    Legoland in San Diego. was the best thing I did in 2013
  • me and legos, love at first sight

    me and legos, love at first sight
    My brother Hasan thought me how to build my first lego. set and I fell in love with it. and until now I love it.

    I got into football when I joined this thing called civil lab. and ever since then I played and enjoyed it.
  • finally friends

    finally friends
    I invited my friends to jump up to celebrate my birthday in 2016. and it was AWSOME
  • tea kwon DOOOOOOOOOOO

    tea kwon DOOOOOOOOOOO
    I joined taekwondo in 2017 starting from white belt to blue belt. and maybe I will continue later on
  • at last a clean house

    at last a clean house
    I moved back to my renewed house. with my OWN BIG bedroom. with all my huge boxes of legos in it.
  • why did i have to come to this school ):):):):):):

    why did i have to come to this school ):):):):):):
    I moved to nun 2 years ago. and really wanted to stay in my old school. but I never spent a full year in nun without carona

    I finally got the lego Diagon alley. and when I got it I was so happy. that I would even jump into a pool fully clothed. my two sisters and my sister's husband helped. everyone did one house. then I disassembled it and did it by myself. in 2 days.
  • cant stop reading this ((:(:::::::::::::::::::::::

    cant stop reading this ((:(:::::::::::::::::::::::
    I wanted to read along book. and the first thing I touched. was the Diary of a wimpy kid. when I finished the second one. I couldn't stop reading it. but I wouldn't have liked it if it wasn't for Rodrick