My and learning

Timeline created by Jose Antonio Gomez
  • The day I was born

    The day I was born
    This was a good way to end summer for my Mum
  • The E.G.B. System

    The E.G.B. System
    The educational system in Spain of these days.
  • Secondary school

    Secondary school
    I went to secondary school at Beniajan High school.
    It was not too involved to study in these days, It was the wishes of my parents.
  • Vocational Secondary school

    Vocational Secondary school
    After two years in Secondary school In Beniajan I went to Severo Ochoa where I started what I really want to do.
    I wanted to do something with my hands.
    It is the very first time of my life I felt into the studies.
    I was the student's representative in these days beacause I felt into my own studies for the first time in my life.
  • Studying to got access to University

    Studying to got access to University
    I was really interested in starting something different, I got tired of being a barber.
    I went to get ready to take the test to obtain access.
  • After travel around West Cost

    After travel around West Cost
    Since that point I started to study engligh bacuse I found myself unable to say a word in english I wanted to say.
  • A trip which change everything

    A  trip which change everything
    Plymouth was the city in which I felt that I want to start learning. In that period, I got involved in studying English in order to obtain a certificate.
    I had to be aware about study and I enjoyed the experience so much, in fact, I have been eager for study every moment since then, as if a part of me had never been fulfil
  • The University

    The University
    Currently, I am really involved in my studies I am keen to learn as much as possible because I am doing what I really want, enjoying the subjects, course, teachers and fellows, everything here makes me feel really good either difficulties and goals.
  • Period: to

    I followed he typical path every child followed till scholarship

  • Period: to

    Students' representative in Severo Ochoa

    Since I was conscientiously either into my studies and student live. I got involved in everything such as events, sports, meetings, parties, and so on, all in all, I felt for the first time into the school as a piece of a chain.
  • Period: to

    A few years working as a barber

  • Period: to

    Thinking seriously to go to college

    Finaly I am here really involved in learning as much as possible.