My accel project

  • Period: to


    The timespan in which i started and finished my project
  • Choices

    I decide on two projects so now i am faced with a decicion of which project to choose. I carefully speculate which project i would like to do.
  • Choosing the Brace!

    Choosing the Brace!
    I decide to create a nike elite sock equipped with a brace that i will sow on to the sock to enhance its already greatness
  • Period: to

    Researching injury statistics

  • Getting materials

    Getting materials
    I bought materials such as string, the brace, elite socks, and needle
  • Begging

    I began to soe and put my project together
  • Tested the sock

    Shot around and ran and jumped in the sock and brace to test stability and durability
  • Beggan to write my notes

    Beggan to write my notes
    Made flash cards for the presentation
  • Made a powerpoint to soak up some time

    made a powerpoint to give my self some leway incase of in emergency at the presentation
  • Practiced presenting by my self

    Practiced presenting by my self
    timed my self many times
  • Presented to the class

    Presented to the class
    I presented my project to the class and all went well; in acception to the fact that i forgot some of my attributes to my presentation
  • Continue to uses the sock

    Continue to uses the sock
    I did not dis-assemble the sock i still use it today because of its value