Final fc 20

Music Magazine Production Time Line

  • 1. Research/Case Studies

    1. Research/Case Studies
    Looked at various Music Magazines (Brit Asian and Vibe) to see how each component has been put together.
  • Preliminary Task: College Magazine

    Made my own Front Cover and Contents Page of a College Magazine, using Photoshop and InDesign.
  • Audience research for Preliminary Task (college magazine)

    Asked fellow pupils for feedback on my college magazine.
  • Drafting and Finalizing house styles, drafts and layouts for Music Magazine

    Drafting out my Music Magazine ( the Front Cover, Contents Page and Double Page Spread). also making house styles for them as a group.
  • Planning and Shooting for Music Magazine

    Planning and Shooting for Music Magazine
    Used professional camera and a real studio to do the photoshoot for the images that were going to be used in the Music Magazine.
  • Desktop publishing and editing Music Magazine

    Creating the Music Magazine by using PhotoShop and InDesign
  • Audience Research for Music Magazine

    Getting Audience feedback on the Music Magazine via Facebook, Twitter and the actual website
  • Planning and Scripting the Evaluation

    Made a voice over script for evaluation.
  • Editing the Evaluation

    Used Final Vut Express to edit evaluation.
  • Project Completed( with everything uploaded on to the website)