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  • Birth of Martin Luther King

    Martin Luther King was born on January 15,1929
  • Death of Martin Luther King

    Dr.King was assassination on April 4,1968
  • Birth of my mom

    My mom was born on Feb -7 -1985
  • Birth of my dad

    My dad was born on Jan -18 -1987
  • Teenage Pictures

    My mom and dad took their high school pictures
  • baby shower for me

    my mom had a baby shower for me on june -7 -2002
  • birth of me(0)

    i was born june -16 2002 on fathers day at greeneville hospital
  • started pre school

    i sarted pre school on aug -23 -2006
  • birth of lil bro

    my baby brother was born on july -24 -2012
  • The Governor

    Our Governor Pac MCcory became the gorverment on january 5,2013
  • my 11th birthday party

    i had my 11th birthday party on june -16 -2013
  • started 6th grde

    i started 6th grade seven weeks ago. my teachers are milford, lane,elbert, jernigan.