My digital Odyssey

  • My birth

    My birth
    I was born duh the title is self explanatory.
  • Baptism

    I was baptized at a church because its a religious thing
  • First day of Pre K

    First day of Pre K
    This was my first time I was in a daycare/Pre-k
  • First day of Kindergarten

    First day of Kindergarten
    This was my first time going to an actually school being apart of CPS.
  • Summer Camp

    Summer Camp
    This is my first ever summer camp. My parents sign me and my sister up for a park district summer camp.
  • Trampoline accident

    Trampoline accident
    On new Year I had a trampoline accident. So now I have a scar on my eyebrow and every new year my sister brings it up.
  • First console

    First console
    This was my first ever console. I got it for Christmas and spent hours upon hours on it.
  • First 5k

    First 5k
    This was the first time I did a 5k. I used to run a lot in elementary school and my mom sign me up for a 5k.
  • Getting my dog

    Getting my dog
    This was one of my first ever pet. Getting a dog helped teach me responsibility and many other important things,
  • First Band Concert

    First Band Concert
    This was my first band concert. It was a winter concert and it was my first time playing in front of a huge crowd.
  • First time coding a website

    First time coding a website
    I sign up for a summer program teaching people how to code and I learned and CREATED a website.
  • My first Job

    My first Job
    My first job was Delivering Newspapers every Wednesday to my Neighborhood.

    In 7th grade our school did a trip to DC we took a plane and spent 3 days in DC this was my first time to DC and on a PLANE!
  • 8th grade graduation

    8th grade graduation
    This is where I would say goodbye to my old school and probably never see a bunch of people again. This was a sad but also very exciting and happy day.
  • First day of Freshmen connection

    First day of Freshmen connection
    This is where I met many of my good friends. When I went to taft none of my old friends went there.
  • First Day at TAFT

    First Day at TAFT
    This was my first time at high school. it was also a new building for Freshmen only

    This affected everyone because it closed schools and this is where we moved into online classes which also affected everyone mentally.
  • First game I created

    First game I created
    After falling in love with coding I tried a game design program where I created a text adventure AND platformer game. I coded it, did the pixel art and some of the sound effects.
  • First Surgery

    First Surgery
    I got my first Surgery where I got my wisdom teeth removed. I recovered very fast.
  • First time driving

    First time driving
    This was the first time I got behind the wheel when I got my permit