Mr. Garry Timeline

  • My Birth

    At 5:40 a.m, I was born. I, also, have a twin that is one minute older than me. Without being born, none my events could have happened.
  • My Brothers Birth

    My brothers birth drastically changed my life. Suddenley, the attention was not on my sister and I any,ore.
  • My family moved houses

    After the birth of my brother, my family had to move houses in order to have enough room for him. Even though we stayed in Abington, the house we moved into gave us more room.
  • Day I got my two cats, Yong and Yala

    Gettting my two cats forced me to become reponsible. When I was born, our cats were already 5 and 6, so I never had to train them.
  • Day I got my dog, Toby

    Toby was the first dog I ever got, so my sister and I were given a lot more responsibility. Unlike the cats, Toby had to be waklked five times a day so he took up a lot more time and energy.
  • Day I Got My First Job

    I got my first job at Hopewell Veternary Hospital. I work in the kennel there. I walk the dogs, clean cages, feed the dogs and cats, sweep, mop, and do the laundry.