Moving Houses

By Raelyn
  • Getting out of School

    Getting picked up early from school, to go move houses. I put this as the beginning of my narrative because it was the day that we started to actually move into our house.
  • Describing the Neighborhood

    Next I discribed the neighborhood of my new house. I put this in my narrative because I wanted the reader to get a visual picture of the ride to the house.
  • The House

    The third part I wrote, was discribing the out side of the new house. I put this in my story because I wanted to the reader to feel like they were in the car driving up the house with us.
  • The Tour

    The fourth part of the story is a tour of the new house, I put this my story so that the reader could get a good discription of walking through the house.
  • Moving the furniture

    One small thing that I put in my story as I was done discribing my house was talking about how there were parts of furniture coming in and out of doorways. I put this in my narrative so that the reader could understand how crazy it was that day.
  • Relaxing

    The fith part of my story is discribing how everybody was almost done with moving and me and my sister were really tired, so we decided to lay on the brand new carpet and in the sun.
  • Period: to

    My narrative

  • Best Parts

    This part of my narrative is telling the reader about my favorite part s of the house.
  • These Past 2 years

    The sixth part of my story talks about the passed to years that we've lived in this house. I put this in my narrative because I wanted to show how moving impacted my lfe.
  • How it impacts my life

    At the end of my story I discribe how moving houses, impacted my life.