unforgettable moments 04/20/19

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  • my first year

    my first  year
    Was my first year, my mom celebrate my birthday will all my family except my Dad, wasn't the best birthday for me even I wasn't knowed, but I know he was with me, my mom said that I always asked for him where he was, and how he looks like, he was so far from me, she always tell me that one day I will meet him, I was the only kid that they have I was everything for them, and the reason that my Dad that come to U.S for have better life.
    I understand that and I still believe the decision he made
  • My 5th birthday

    My 5th birthday
    This day were one of worse birthday I ever have, for two reason, one because the dress I was wearing was Itchy all over my back, it all started in the church the itching started and I couldn't find the way to tell my mom that dress was bothering me because there were people, I went home my Mom had me bad news, it was that she was going to leave me with my grandparents because she was going to came to United state and was my last birthday with her, it was the worse day
  • Kindergarten

    Is not my first day of school, but I remember that year were the best I make friends, meet new people one of my best moment, I participant on lot things, I have my first diploma my parents said that they were felt so proud, and I meet my best.
  • My first bicycle

    My first  bicycle
    I got my bicycle I was so happy because I were asked that for long time, when I finally I had it, I learn how to drive, and share like i feel so cool, and i was really thanks with my parents because without them was not possible to have it, also that day I have others gift all them were my, but I remember that I share with neighbor and I got a feeling that cannot still describe at the end of the day
  • I was going to have a brother

    I was going to have a brother
    This was the best moment I ever had before was the worse because I wasn't going to the only child of parents,I felt that because I was already accustomed that everything was for me, I thought that my parents were going to completely forget about me, and that they were not going to share what I wanted, it was an attack of jealousy, but later when I saw sonogram, I thought that having a brother it's the best because I'm the youngest and I think my life would not make sense without my siblings
  • other sibling

    other sibling
    I got other new that was going to have a sister, it was great because my family was growing but without me and that make me sad because I wanted to be when my Mom gives birthday to my brother and I lost that day and also my sister, I knew so I was going to be with them,
  • I met with my family

     I met with my family
    july 6,2014 I come to the U.S it was an emotional year because I felt very happy to have my family by my side and after 14 years I met my dad, and also met my brothers, and then became the worst because I entered the school without knowing anyone and Without understanding the language, I felt the most stupid, although I had my family by my side but I felt alone.
    After a few months later I had friends and I had someone to talk to, I do not know how to express that year it was so strange.
  • Best Trip

    Best Trip
    I was two weeks away from my family and I remember that I missed them a lot, but it was a fabulous trip because I lived and met other people I made more friends and I do not know how to express that trip because it changed something of me, they made me feel like family, visit 4 college it was great
  • The loss of my friend

    The loss of my friend
    09/03/18 this day I think I have been marked forever but I still do not know that I am no longer here and in my group of friends, that day for everyone was like a nightmare that we all wanted to wake up to embrace and tell you how much we wanted them despite of the discussions that we had, we miss him and that if we could return the time,to not to feel his pain, when I saw him at his funeral I wanted to say wake up, he looks like he was sleeping in a dream that could not wake up