Modern World History French Revolution and the Napoleonic era.

  • Louis XVI

    Louis XVI came to the throne at the age of 19. He was a well intention but weak leader who was often dominated by his wife, Marie ntoinette.
  • Paris Stormed

    the people of Paris stormed the Bastille, a much-hated prison in Paris that symbolized autocratic rule.
  • Poor harvests

    The year 1789 had been preceded by two years of poor harvests. The pople were hungry and felt that neither the king nor nobility cared.
  • Napolean

    Napolean Bonaparte assumed control of France and created a dictatorship.

    democracy developed in France. The French Revolution illustrates why democracy sometimes fails. It is not enough to promise equality and freedom. Nor to have representative government.
  • Napolean

    Napoleon decided to make humself emperor, and the French voters supported him.
  • Purple Velvet

    Napolean, dressed in a splendid robe of purple velvet, walked down the long ausle of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
  • threat

    Napoleon tried to remove the threat of the navy.
  • Freedom

    The only major European contries free from Napoleon's control were Britain, the Ottoman Empure, Portugal, and sweden.
  • World War II

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    One of the UN's most important contributions is the Universal Declaration of Humas Rights. It was adopted by the General Assembly.