Modern America

  • Rosa Parks Gets Arrested

    In 1955 A women name Rosa Parks decides to ride the bus and sits in the front of the bus, During this time period it was ilegal for an African American to sit in the front of the bus. Moments later a white lady came in the bus and the bus driver demand Rosa Parks to sit in the back of the bus and she refuse, so she got arrested.
  • Roe v. Wade

    He gave women more rights, for them to have the decision on aborting or not.
  • Birth Control

    The Food and Drug Administration approved the first oral contraceptive, commonly known as "the Pill" for sale as birth control.
  • Kennedy's Assassination

    President Kennedy of the United States an Democratic president was assassinated in Dallas Texas during a parade.
  • Ronald Reagan Cut Taxes

    Ronald Reagan was a Republican president and he cut taxes which mainly benefited wealthier Americans.
  • Bill Clinton becomes President of the United States

    In January 20, 1993 Bill Clinton became president of the United States which made a big change in the US involving immigration.
  • First Woman to pilot a Space Shuttle

    In 1995 Eileen Collins was the first American woman to pilot a space shuttle.
  • I was born

    This is a very important event because I was named after my grandfather died when i was born. He was a very especial person to my mom and when he past away it really hurt us, so my mom decided to name me Alfredo.
  • I moved to Oakland

    This is a very important event because i used to live in L.A. but my dad had a lot of family in Oakland and got a job, so we moved to Oakland and bought a house later on and were happy.
  • My First Girl Friend

    This is a very important event for me because i was in third grade and was eight years old when i first liked a girl and made her my girl friend.
  • Fresh House

    This is a very important event because in 2006 my mom bought a house after all these years of renting we finally got a chance to own our own house.
  • The Dream Act

    This Dream Act change a lot of people lifes like students that want to go to college and have more apportunities in life that are immigrants.
  • First Arroyo family member

    This is a very important event in my family and mines because my mom always wanted to meet a grandson or grandaughter in our family. So my sister got pregnant and gave birth in september 27 that made all of us so happy when we got a chance to see her.