Miriam's language

  • Since the birth

    Since the birth
    I went with my family to Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico from Chicago, Illinois.
  • First day in school

    First day in school
    I'm in kindergarten and I liked to listen my teacher talk in English. She is a good singer.
  • Interest in English language

    Interest in English language
    I studied my elementary school grades at Manuel Cruz School. I remember my English teacher: Mrs. Iglesias. She tojd me if I want to participate in the alphabet song. That was a beautiful experience.
  • Spelling Bee

    When I was in sixth grade, I participated in the "Spelling Bee" and I do may best performance in this competition. I obtained the second place.
  • My graduation of ninth grade

    My graduation of ninth grade
    I obtained my medal of the English class. My parents are happy for that.
  • I'm a competent student to go at university

    I'm a competent student to go at university
    I'm prepared to study at UPR of Humacao. I developed good skills in English, because I have a good base in my elementary, middle and high school.
  • During my professional career

    During my professional career
    I decided to obtain my bilingual certification. That process is not easy but I can do it.