Mike's timeline

By mikeyb
  • VHS vs Betamax

    VHS vs Betamax
    I don't remember ever seeing or using a betamax player in my life. I think that by the time I was old enough to use a tape player VCR had won.
  • 1994

    NES, the console that introduced me to video games. Contra was my go-to game.
  • Apple of My eye

    Apple of My eye
    I got my first computer I started out as a Mac user but now I use Windows.
  • Recreate the paradigm

    Recreate the paradigm
    This is the first system that I owned that used discs to load the software. It had a linux based OS and could access the internet and used USB to connect peripherals.
  • The Future Is Now

    The Future Is Now
    Razor flip phone. Before I got this if people wanted to reach me the could knock on my door or leave a message on the home phone. To think that this was 14 years ago and now the thought of not having a phone always with me is unreal.