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Michelle's Timeline

  • Day I was born!

    Day I was born!
    I am the last child born of Rosalie and Frank Oliveros.
  • 2nd oldest Brothers graduation

    2nd oldest Brothers graduation
    My brother is 16 years older than me and I don't really remember his graduation since I was so young but he is my role model.
  • My dad's Passing

    My dad's Passing
    My dad had passed recently around Christmas of last year. It was a hard time since we had just celebrated Christmas and it was so sudden. Of course no one knew it would happen it's just been weird without him. It was just his time he passes cause of natural causes.
  • First time going to NYC

    First time going to NYC
    Me and my sister was up in New York for the summer and before we left my brother took us to the city since we've never been.
  • First time flying

    First time flying
    So after summer was over we had to fly home since no one could drive us back to Virginia cause of personal reasons so we flew from New York to Virginia