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Megan Events in Life

  • The day I was born

    The day I was born
    Rebecca Conner had a c-section with me at 8:16am. I was a loving, happy baby girl. I was born at a hospital in Jacksonville florida.
  • day i came home

    day i came home
    This day was crazy for my parents. Now my biological dad had three kids to take of same as my mom. I was a happy baby but my mom did not like changing my poopy booty.
  • Parents split

    Parents split
    My parents split up and my mom got with this guy Josh who became my dad. My biological dad didnt want to do anything with me. and this picture is a pic of my biological dad and his new wife..
  • Welcome baby brother

    Welcome baby brother
    On march 29th my mom had a baby boy... i did not want a little brother but he was just so cute and loving. I was scared to have another sibling in the house even though i already had two. He is my lil man. xoxo
  • Mom and Dad got married

    Mom and Dad got married
    My mom finally married my dad after 10 years being together. I was so happy to see them together and happy. It was a small wedding but a very happy wedding.
  • last time i seen my bio dad

    last time i seen my bio dad
    This day was hard. I cried all the way coming to michigan leaving Florida. It is hard to say goodbye to your father. Watching him wave and say goodbye from distance sucks.
  • the day i cut my hair short

    the day i cut my hair short
    this day was a really scary day for me because i had really long pretty hair and i wanted something different so i cut it all off... many tears this day tha came from my mom
  • after school

    after school
    This day i had fun and had a blast with my best friends. we got our face painted and i didnt want this night to end. We had Mr.Loria to take this picture and he was making fun of me.
  • became besties!!!

    became besties!!!
    these girls are my life. This day i will never forget ceause we shared good laughs and became best friends for life. Treya had me take this picture to remeber our friendship in choir in 8th grade.
  • go baptized with the family

    go baptized with the family
    this day was just amazing. I got baptized at the river church by this amazing pastor Jim Combs. I will never forget this day beause god let me start fresh and i showed everyone that i follow god and stay by his side.
  • goodbye mr.mole

    goodbye mr.mole
    This day was full of tears, not because it hurt because i was scared if it was going to hurt. I ended up getting three stitches and that was the first and only time i had them.
  • 15th bday

    15th bday
    I got to spend this wonderful day with my best friend Camrin Newcomb. We swam all day and messed around like goofs. I will never forget this day because this would be one of the last days ill ever see him again..
  • first concert

    first concert
    My dad took me to my very first concert. it was so much fun, even though i cried. One directiong and 5sos is mine forever. I willnever forget seeing their beautiful faces.
  • the day i broke a nail

    the day i broke a nail
    This was a very sad day. I just wanted to cry and it hurt so bad. it was a cool day this day it was going fine till i broke my nail.
  • jordan and i started dating

    jordan and i started dating
    this boy became my best friend. I have told him everything about me and he told me everything about me. i love him more then words possible. This day was on July 4th and yes it was on the fourth of july where the fireworks go off. i couldnt ask for a better boyfriend and a better best friend.