Medieval Timeline 500 A.D.- 1500 A.D.

  • 450


    The Anglo-Saxons first arrive in England
  • Jul 7, 1097

    The First Crusade

    The First Crusade arrives at Constantinople
  • Sep 20, 1099

    The First Crusade Continued

    The First Crusade recaptures Jerusalem and establishes the kingdom of Outremer
  • Oct 11, 1215

    King John

    King John signs the Magna Carta, weakening the authority of the English Crown
  • Sep 24, 1337

    Hundred Years' War

    The Hundred Years' War begins
  • Nov 5, 1348

    Black Death

    The Black Death hits Europe and spreads rapidly from the east, spreading even faster through trade routes on the mediterranean sea
  • May 21, 1453


    The Ottoman Turks capture Constantinople and at the same time the Byzantine Empire ends
  • Oct 30, 1470


    Leonardo da Vinci starts to work as a professional artist while the Renaissance begins
  • Augustine of Canterbury

    Augustine of Canterbury converts the Anglo-Saxons into christians
  • Jerusalem

    Jerusalem falls to islamic forces
  • The Vikings

    The vikings start their raids starting in Ireland
  • Holy Roman Emperor

    Charlemagne is crowned as the first Holy Roman Emperor
  • The Treaty of Verdun

    The Treaty of Verdun splits the Frankish kingdom creating modern France and Germany