Medieval Europe

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  • 529

    Benedict of Nursia founds the first Benedictine monastery

    Benidict of nursia,Italy
  • Period: 529 to 1492

    Medieval Europe

  • 792

    Charles Martel defeats Muslim invaders in the battle of Tours

    Charles Martel, West Central France
  • 792

    Vikings make their earliest known raid on Ireland

  • 1088

    The University of bologna is founded

  • 1096

    first crusade begins

    Levant, and Anthoria, Crusaders
  • 1170

    english arch bishop Thomas Becket is murdered

    Thomas Becket, UK
  • 1215

    magna carta is signed

    King John, Runny Mede
  • 1291

    crusades end

    Crusaders tunisia
  • 1347

    plague ends in europe

    plague ends in europe
  • 1492

    Isabella and Ferdinand conquer Granda

    Isabella and Ferdinand, Granda