Media Project: Music Video Plan

  • Digipak Research

    By this date, I aim to finish my digipak research and add to my blog.
  • Pitch and Genre Conventions

    I will ensure that these two Powerpoint presentations are uploaded to my blog, as they were created in late October
  • The Track

    I will ensure that the track I wish to use for my media project is uploaded to my blog, complete with the original video. I will copy the Youtube link.
  • Finish Music Analysis

    As I have completed the necessary tasks in a different order to some, I will ensure that the music analysis of my genre is completed for this date.
  • Target Audience Research

    By now, I will have uploaded information to my blog regarding my target audience.
  • Casting

    I will begin asking people who fit the criteria of my ideal performer to star in my music video
  • Casting

    After allowing a day for people to respond to my request, I will hopefully have someone willing to fulfil the role of main performer in my music video.
  • Casting- Upload to blog

    The information about the main performer in my music video will be uploaded to my blog
  • Digipak Template

    I will create a digipak template using photos from the internet that show a design similar to the one I wish to use for my own digipak
  • Upload my Time Toast

    I will upload my completed TimeToast timeline to my blog, and put it in the 'Time Management' post I have created.
  • Photo shoot

    On this day I will be taking the photographs of the model I wish to use.
  • Shooting

    Again, I will be taking many shots of my model for my digipak and magazine advertisement.
  • Upload

    I will assemble all shots to my digipak and magazine advert, edit them using Photoshop, and finalise the designs. I will proceed to upload all relevant information to my blog.