Media course work

  • Time management

    what willl be done when
  • Period: to

    time to do the research and planning

  • Talk to potentual model/s

    ask them if they would like to be involved and would they be happy meeting up togther to do shoot
  • Research target audience

    talk to sample on facebook
    ask quantative questions speak to focus group about magazines, features and rough layout
  • deligation

    dligate who is doing what and when
  • props and location

    risk assesment permition. written permission, group photo in location phots of potentual risks
  • costume and props

    what to wear in detail
    dont spend more than £5
    borrow stuff
  • Period: to

    days to do the shoot

  • Ensur its all done and uploaded to my blog

  • deadline for research and planning

    Researching existing magazine
    Time management
    research into target audience
    organisation props/location
    costume and props
    rough work and plan
    work in progress
  • Period: to

    construction of magazine

  • prodution deadline

  • Period: to

    evaluation of coursework

  • evaluation deadline