Me, Myself, and I

  • The day I was born a twin!

    Ashley and Jessica Walker were born at Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills, Mi. My mothers name is Ann Marie and my fathers name is John. They were married at the time of my birth. We lived in a small house in Westlland and I had an older brother at home waiting for me. I was 8 pds 11 ounces!
  • First time I rolled over!

    I rolled over for my first time for my grandmother who was at home taking of me.
  • I discovered my hands!

  • Sat by myself

    I was able to sit by myself at 6 months.
  • Cut my first tooth!

  • First word was da-da

  • Crawled for the first time!

    At 8 months I was on the go!
  • First car trip to Georgia!

    My first car ride all the way to Georgia to see my great grandma!
  • Parents divorce

    My mother found letters from another female indicating my dad was cheating on her so she filed for divorce. She became a single mother of 3. I have a brother, John, who is 4 years older. To give you an idea of what she was going through, she was only 25 at the time and still going to college for nursing. She worked full time and went to school full time to support our family. My grandmother, her mother, lived with us and became our full time caretaker. The divorce changed our lives forever.
  • School Starts!

    I began attending St. Rafael Catholic school. I absolutely hated going to church all the time and learning about god. I did love my uniform though!
  • Mother married again!

    My mother married myy step father, John D. Gullen.
  • Learned how to ride a bike without training wheels!

    My step father taught me how to ride a bike before we moved to our new subdivision!
  • Moved to Northville

    Moved out of Westland and into Northville. The size of our new house was five times the size of our old one!
  • Tranferred to my new school in Northville

    Left my Catholic school and tranferred to public schools after my mother got married and we moved.
  • First Girlfriend

    Met my first new girlfriend at my new school, Megan. We spent every day together We are still good friends to this day!
  • Little brother is born!

    Devon Gullen was born a healthy baby.
  • My first male best friends

    Became friends with my two best friends to this day, Markus and Adam. Markus lives in Austrailia and Adam in Texas. We all still keep in touch and have visits every few years.
  • Began playing soccer and doing gymnastics

    When I was 10 I started to really love sports. Soccer and gymnastics became a big part of my life.
  • Diagnosed with sports induced asthma

    I was diagnosed with sports induced asthma that was discovered after I began playing sports. Later in life I grew out of the condition and never had an asthma attack past middle childhood.
  • Little sister is born!

    Kelli Gullen was born a normal, healthy baby! She was a surprise for the whole family!
  • Attacked by a dog

    My first attack by a neighbors dog. It sent myself and my dog both the E.R. After that, I was terrified of large dogs until about the age of 18.
  • Began seeing a psychologist

    When I started high school, my parents noticed a change in my moods. I was really down and having a hard time in school. I was diagnosed with depression and ADD.
  • 15 and my first serious relationship!

    I started dating Michael when we started high school. He was my high school sweetheart until junior year when I moved out of Northville. He was my "first" everything!
  • Drivers License

    Got my Drivers license just after I turned 16! This new freedom was not good for me. I began hanging out with people who were bad influences on my behavior. My addiction to drugs, marijuana, LSD, alcohol, and microdots started up.
  • Moved to Royal Oak to live with my dad

    The relationship between my mother and I fell apart and I was getting in a lot of trouble. The best thing for me was to move to Royal Oak to live with my dad for the first time in my life. He was married at the time and she was not happy about me moving in.
  • High school graduation

    Graduated from Dondero High School in Royal Oak.
  • My brother married his high school sweetheart!

    Tracy Hein became Tracy Walker. My brother is the first to get married!
  • Sobered up

    After graduating, I was going nowhere fast. I barely kept a art time job and wanted nothing to do with college. My father threatened to kick me out so I decided to quit drugs. I still drank alcohol though.
  • Car crash

    I had just started dating a guy named Bob. He gave me his corvette to drive. I was only 20 and it was my first fast car. It was raining on 96 and I was struck in the back end by another car. It sent my car spinning out of control until it stopped facing traffic. I was then hit head on by another car. I had a serious concussion, was diagnosed with vertigo, and PTSD with severe panick attack a year later. This was the last time I could drive on the freeway without a panic attack.
  • Biggest mistake of my life!

    I married that guy named Bob after dating over a year. He was everything I had wanted and more.... Except it did not even last a year. Not long after the marriage, I found out everything about him was a lie. He had multiple kids, an ex wife, was way older then he had told me, was an alcoholic, never went to college or graduated from it, he scammed me and my entire family. I was left in shambles and debt from him. It took a long time for me to heal and I am not sure I have ever completely healed.
  • My niece/godchild is born!

    Isabella Walker is here!
  • Back to school I go!

    Enlisted in a one year Patient Care Technician program at Dorsey. I started working with my dad and learned how to be a carpenter to pay my bills.
  • Graduated!

    Graduated my program with a 4.0 gpa. The first time in my life I have ever actually made an effort at school and was really proud of myself!
  • My nephew is here!

    Peyton Walker is born!
  • Got my job at Botsford!

    My first nursing job at Botsford hospital where I am still employed! I am a nurse tech on the trauma team,
  • Started dating one of my friends, Dan!

    Dan and I started becoming serious in June. We had known each other for years but just never dated. It just worked out for us that summer!
  • Moved in with my boyfriend!

    First time I have lived with a guy since my ex. It was a huge step for me. My two cats and myself joined him and his dog. It was pretty crazy at first! The animals were not sure of each other and I wasnt sure I was ready for all that. But, It ended up all working out for all of us and we are still happy and together!
  • Married!!

    I feel if my boyfriend and I are still going strong in the next two years, marriage should start to be planned. By this time we will have been together three years and should know if we are going to make it or not. I want to be married before I have a child. He will be 30 at this time, he is 2 years younger, and should be ready for marriage at that age!
  • I want to be finished with school

    I am hoping to have my RN completed and possible my BSN within the next four years.
  • I am hoping to have my first child by the age of 35

    I want to have a baby by the age of 35 if I am going to have children. I feel much later than this and I will not be able to fully enjoy my child throughout all their years of life. I will be too old!
  • Retirement!

    I am hoping to be retired by the age of 60. Because we are all living longer, 50 is not really an option if I am going to possibly live to be 100. I might even have to stay employed until the age of 65 or 70.
  • My death

    I feel I am only going to live until the age of 80. I smoke and have been smoking for a long time. I had a previous drug and alcohol problem, alzheimers runs in my family, and my grandparents have not lived past the age of 88. All this combined does not leave me with many years! I do not want to live a long drawn out life either.