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By oh hey
  • When i was born!!!

    When i was born!!!
    Well i dont have a pic of me as a newborn on the interent so i grabbed this one! i was very little lol.
  • Starting Kindergarden!

    Starting Kindergarden!
    Haha kindergarden was so easy i mean it was just naptime and coloring and stuff. I also couldnt find a pic of me in kinder on here so how bout another baby pic.
  • Devil Sister Born

    Devil Sister Born
    MY sister was born 2007 and on valentines day! so her bday is tommorow. She gets me in trouble so much, this is me and her
  • First bad word ....

    The first bad word was F#*$ and i was in so much trouble, no lie it was bad. But im good now cause that was 2nd grade.
  • Fist day in Middle school

    Fist day in Middle school
    Well it was fun and nice, i dated the hottest girl and i was a ugly bald kid with glasses so i was like how do i have a girlfriend, that was my first gf.
  • Halloween lmao

    Halloween lmao
    HAHA HALLOWEEN LOL ya i was Chucky the killer doll, i was even scared of myself but it was pretty fun.
  • My DOG!!!

    My DOG!!!
    I Love my dog her name is Mariah and shes so beautiful, She may only be apart of my life but im everything to her. Got her on xmas
  • Day i made the team

    Day i made the team
    I mean its not that big of a deal though hah, i made it out of a lot of kids though.
  • Highscool

    Fist day of highschool was wierd and lonely man, like it was just me and my brother vs the school lol

    It was homecoming and it was really crazy, it was just all grinding and stuff, i mean i totally wasnt doing it haha.
  • X-mas

    This was my favorite X-mas and i loved it! i got my xbox one, boxing gloves, etc. And this is my tree
  • First NBA game

    First NBA game
    I dont really remember the date but it was suns vs Lakers and i saw kobe bryant for the first time, it was amazing.